Is Miley Cyrus Disgusting and Sleazy?

The Culture and Media Institute, which aims to "preserve and help restore America's culture, character, traditional values, and morals against the assault of the liberal media elite," is calling out the 19-year-old star for photos obtained by TMZ that showed Cyrus posing suggestively with a penis-shaped cake at her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's birthday party.

Shouldn't this be considered her private business?

Is Miley Cyrus Disgusting and Sleazy?RCF/

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She is a product of our day and age and her parents.

Sleaze and loose morals beget sleaze and loose morals.

However then again she may just be doing what it takes to make big bucks being as the new interest is sleaze, sluts and muts.

Lady Darko

Yea, she is. To much to young and no parental control, an trashy friends.

Agents and the entertainment industry will concoct anything for that all  holy profit margin.. She may be subjected to the same thing that the majority of other entertainers must acknowledge in order to maintain their status.. It's in their contract..... (or not).

Just another (keyboard) pecker

Yes i agree 100 percent. She was a bully in high school and she is mean and cruel and ungrateful to her father. He is the one who put her in the spotlight. When i was 15 i loved Hannah Montana now that I'm all grown up, i see how you are. It' very tragic how many Disney stars become like that. You need to learn to grown up and be a responsible adult. I think you may end up like Lyndsay lohan. Oh and BTW i know you said you were the victim of bullying  but you were a bully yourself. Miley Cyrus grow  up get married have kids and get a life. Right now you are only a baby version of ke$ha. Stop it. Just stop. Get a frigging life.

oh and that new hairstyle is ugly!!!

oh and the last thing i have to say is you are NO role-model. You a skimpy shirt wearing girl that likes to get drunk and make out with numerous boys. You need to fly right and consider yourself lucky that they even MADE you a role-model because you are definitely not role-model material. if  i had kids, i would never let them look up to you. You need to learn your morals and stop being such a slut. I really miss the old Miley because you sure aren't the same girl. I understand why your father is disappointed in you and he has every right to be. Get your own house and get married. I am very disappointed and I'm sure many others are too. You really need to check yourself. You could end up hurt or worse. You really need to become mature. And your lucky to still be living in your dad's house because you should be gone by now.

I am 19 too and i really pity you. You're saying how grateful you are but you don't show it. And frankly I hate how fake you areYell

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