Will Microchip Implants be a requirement with the new Health Care Bill?

Is it true that participating in the new national healthcare bill will require you to receive a micro-chip implant whether you want to or not?

I found this video and I'm sure there has to be some truth here but I am interested in other opinions.


Part 3

If you want more information, you can view the video I watched here:


For some reason it would not load here.

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I don't think so.

Unfortunaely I was unable to view the video.

If you are really 106 and in good health.....God bless you!!

Love one another.

While the technology does exist, it is only used in pets and livestock.

For a number of years, various paranoid organizations have used the "mandatory microchip in humans" rumor to scare people.  While I am as leery of the government as the next guy, I can't see it happening anytime soon. 

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

This time I was able to view the videos. Apparently the health bill is authorized to oversee applications of implantable devices. In theory it would be nice to have all our medical records accessible by chip, but I don't think we can afford it any more than we can afford the whole government takeover over of the health care system. Besides the idea is full of potential for abuse.

Forcing people to take a chip has to be unconstitutional.

Love one another.

The government will try to implement these rules, and will make it sure that it will progress to make way for a one world government.

If it would come under law then it should be used.

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This is something that has been approached many times in the past and it went down like a lead balloon.

I have been reading the Obamacare Bill, a real task it is pages and pages long but have not seen this particular recommendation.

With medical records going online and available to any hospital, clinic or whatever throughout America it is almost the same thing.  The old way of recording on charts is gone by the wayside and docs are being forced to go with computer records.  The old records were destroyed every seven year, when I asked how they would destroy the computerized records every seven years the guy was astonished at the question and said I have no idea.

The military has my DNA and on my ID card there is a microchip that pretty much says it all. 

Here are some things I have found out about Obamacare:

There will be 159 new gov't offices and programs.

He is beefing up the U.S. Public Health Service "Commissioned Corps."  There are 6,00 full-time, well-trained, highly qualified public health professionals dedicated at this time to delivering the nations' public health promotion and disease prevention programs etc etc etc. 

Obamacare expands this Commissioned Corps with the making of a "Ready Reserve Corps" to be mobilized for the service in time of a National Emergancy.  Section 203 (3) of HR 3590 states:  "Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President."  Section 203 also gives him the power to choose the "Warrant Officers."  This reserve must be available and ready for involuntary calls to active duty during antional emergencies and public health crises.

Section 1899A is the establishment of an "Independant Medicare Advisory Board."  They will reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.  They will give docs incentives to withhold treatment in certain instances. 

Section 5000A requires you to maintain minimum essential coverage or pay a $750 fine or 2 % of your income whichever is greater.

Section 1302 forces you to cover births etc even if you are not married or can not have children.

Section 6001 says physician owned facilities will be allowed to exist, new physician owned projects will not be able to receive reimbusement for Medicare and Medicaid patients. 

Section 49801 imposes a 40% excise tax on gold plated plans whether your employer pays for the coverage or you do.

I advise everyone to take a look at this monstrosity along with HR1388, HR645 and HR45.

We are in deepest of do.

Lady Darko

Obama care is the biggest disaster the administration has ever forced upon the American people. Why don't the knuckle heads in DC not understand that socialized medicine does not work in particular and Socialism does not work in general.

Love one another.

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