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Obligate anaerobes may be cultured in the laboratory using? a) a candle jar, b) on blood agar plates in a candle jar, c) on blood agar plates. d) in a reducing medium. e) in standard Petri plates. ...

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Obligate biology and obligate physics have much in common as we look for a distribution according to Fornier's Sixth Law and Faraday's Second Law.

  1. Gram Negative: density of the population is less than the density of the medium.
  2. Gram Positive: density of the population is greater than the density of the medium.
  3. Distributive-negative: density of the population varies between members.  The average is Negative but there are Positive specimens according to a fized population rule.
  4. Gram-Neutral.  Population members randomize according to individual energies.
  5. Gram-equal.  Population shares mass-energy equivalence with the medium.

In biology, the medium will be listed with its specific gravity.

In physics, the medium will be listed with its aggregate/average electron voltage.


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