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Why did mickey thomas have a fight with donny baldwin?

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According to Mickey Thomas: "He was one of my best friends in the world until that crazy night," Thomas confided. "It had to do with being on tour together for so many years in the crazy environment of the road. Being on the road is crazy enough without getting some other factors mixed in there, like resentment and alcohol and drugs. It was a very unfortunate incident that got out of hand. I'm sure each of us would love to go back and retrace our steps that night and make it different, but you can't do that. You change one thing and you may change the whole course of your life." http://www.marinij.com/ci_20639200/lib-at-large-mickey-thomas-and-mutinous-jefferson I can find no account of Baldwin's side, but this sounds pretty neutral and definitive and even though Mickey got the worst of the fight by far, he doesn't seem to blame Baldwin nor hold it against him.

I'm not the OP but i've been wondering why that ugly incident happened for yrs.  So thanks for answering that. 

Mickey is a helluva lot more forgiving than I would be, that's for sure!  Glad he recovered ok & got back into singing too cuz he's always been one of my fav singers.



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