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Did Michelle Obama lose her law license in 1993

Snopes Michelle Obama lost law license in 1993

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Not that I'm aware of.

If you want to make peace you don't talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies. - Moshe Dayan

I think you are right on that one if my research is was correct but to the exact year i am not sure of. And yes she did loose her license to pratice law.

Equal justice for All The law works but the system needs changed, We all abide by the law but sometime it failes us. The same with the goverment. God bless the USA, Brign our troops HOME safely, To the men who did not get the credit they deserve, MAY GOD WATCH OVER OUR SERVICE MEN.

Well, we should look at what is most important. The first lady losing her law licence? Or laura bush who was drunk ran a stop sign and a man was killed. No, the first lady did not loose her law licence. What to all of you seems more important? Please let me know. Thank you  

This sounds like another libelous hoax from the right.  Jones, what is your proof?

The Judge Says:


First off, the biggest ass-kissing media refers to Michelle Obama as a 'distinguished attorney" despite the fact that Michelle Obama has been"inactive" since 1993. Click here: ARDC | Lawyer Search
ARDC - Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois
Click to enlarge image. Everyday another Obama skeleton comes careening out of the closet.
This ADRC is for discipline reasons...not for those volunteering to stop practicing. It is COURT ORDERED...not "Michelle Obama ordered." Their website is very clear about their function and why they step in. (see below)
If this was a Republican, the Democrooks would have her up on charges already.
Schmoo, an attorney, points out, "sounds more to me like she was drummed right out of the practice of law. I am just dying to know what she did... she ran to have a court ordered inactive status done...and then no malpractice report needed to be provided.
She wanted this to 'go away" fast and furious and the details not come out in depositions, courtroom documents, rulings for the client/plaintiffs...etc..
I would love to know what she did. I believe barack obummer himself was also disciplined--I know his law license is on "inactive" he lied about ever going by any other names when he applied for bar application. He also failed to state any prior drug use...(which he admitted in his books...and he had outstanding tickets that were never paid)."

Michelle Obama on court ordered inactive status with the Illinois State Attorney hat tip schmoopett


  Michelle Obama is on COURT ORDERED INACTIVE STATUS--order said since she has been placed INACTIVE that "no malpractice record required."


What Is the ARDC? (this is NOT the Illinois Bar-where one can voluntarily be inactive) As our name implies, the ARDC is the agency of the Supreme Court of Illinois which registers attorneys and investigates complaints of misconduct filed against attorneys holding a license to practice law in Illinois.

Our principal purpose is to assist the Supreme Court to determine a lawyer's fitness to practice law in Illinois. If a complaint is made that an attorney, licensed to practice law in Illinois, has engaged in illegal, unethical or dishonest conduct, we will investigate and, if warranted, bring formal disciplinary charges. The Supreme Court of Illinois will then ultimately decide if a lawyer should be censured (publicly rebuked), suspended (having the law license to practice either taken away for a certain period of time or placed on a probationary period) or disbarred (having the law license taken away indefinitely).

We cannot impose fines, imprison, obtain monetary damages, enforce remedies between the lawyer and client, or seek civil or criminal relief against a lawyer as part of the disciplinary process. We can affect only the lawyer's ability to practice law in Illinois.

We are not funded by taxpayers' money. We are funded entirely by the annual registration fees paid by attorneys authorized to practice law in Illinois.

What Is a Request for an Investigation of an Attorney?

It is a request to us that we look into the conduct of an attorney who you believe has acted improperly. We will review your request to determine if an investigation is warranted. In most cases, we will initiate an investigation where the information you provide us suggests that the attorney engaged in illegal, dishonest or unethical conduct. Filing a request accusing an attorney of unethical conduct is a serious matter to the lawyer. We recommend that, whenever practical, you try to resolve any differences or disputes that do not concern claims of unethical conduct directly with the lawyer.

How Do I Request an Investigation of an Attorney?

By mailing to our office, either in Chicago or Springfield, a request that you want an attorney to be investigated by our office. Your request should be in writing. No special form is necessary. For your convenience, you may download a Request for Investigation form. Please return the Request by postal mail or hand-delivery. The ARDC does not accept an e-mail transmission of a Request for Investigation.

UPDATE: Scmoo the attorney adds:

as an attorney I am telling you that people can "choose" to not pay their registration fees or take their continuing education of the bar and therefore go on "suspension...or inactive status
that goes thru the CAL BAR--the California Bar association

UPDATE: What was little Michelle from the Southside of Chicago doing in 1993?

1993: Public Allies Chicago with 30 Allies is launched by founding Executive Director Michelle Obama. President Clinton names Public Allies a model for national service. First Lady Hilary Clinton hosts Rose Garden reception for Public Allies at the White House.

Say what? Michelle and Hillary go back that far?

Shmoo finds more:

In 1992 Michelle Obama  left her job at Sidley Austin to launch a career in public service, serving as an assistant to Mayor Daley and then as the assistant commissioner of planning and development for the City of Chicago.
(ask yourself how did a 2-3 year attorney...just wound up being Mayor Daleys "assistant" just like that...and what did she do as an "assistant"  what does that even mean when you are a harvard trained attorney?)

Too close for comfort.  Coincidental?

Bernardine Dohrn, Bill ayers wife was at Sidley Austin--- a law firm in Chicago from From 1984 to 1988. Dohrn was employed by the law firm Sidley Austin although her criminal record has prevented her from being admitted to either the New York or Illinois bar. (source: wikipedia)

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!

The Judge Says:

Does Michelle Obama have a license to practice law in the United States?

A check of the State of Illinois Bar Association website shows no bar license for “Michelle Robinson” or “Michelle Obama”. It has been reported that Michelle Obama “voluntarily” gave up her law license in 1993, just five years after she got the license.

Why would a black woman who worked at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, who had graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, and who had endured the grueling task of sitting for the bar exam TWICE, then voluntarily give up her law license?

Many who have been admitted to the Bar go on to pursue other careers, but because of the process to get the law license, they usually maintain it in good standing. Barack Obama has placed his law license into “inactive” status since his campaign began.

While it has no bearing on Barack Obama, per se, it makes one very curious as to why this educated woman “voluntarily” gave up her law license!!

I consider myself pretty up-to-date on current events yet, I NEVER HEARD THIS! Why? The liberal media doesn’t want us to know ANYTHING bad about the Obama’s…it’s frightening!!!

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!


The Judge Says:

Why Was Michelle Obama’s Illinois Law License Taken Away In 1993?

I never heard anything explained by the mainstream media-just the fact that she was suspended. Wonder why the mainstream never investigated. And isn’t it funny Michelle and Hillary had ties back to 1993?

Liberals:If you stop telling lies about conservitives we will stop telling the truth about you ! The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're actually in a sword fight!

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