What now for the Miami Heat?

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The Miami Heat stood tall and answered yesterday in Indianapolis.

The Heat were on the brink of disaster; yet they answered with a resounding 101-93 win in game four of the Eastern conference semi-finals to tie the series at 2-2. This does not mean they are out of the woods. This does not mean that they are going on to win this series and ultimately win a championship.

Yet it does mean that the Heat have given themselves a chance. This does mean the Heat has pulled themselves out of the abyss. Now it is a best of three series with two of those three games in Miami. I did not know a lot about the Pacers before this series began. What I have seen I am very impressed with. The Pacers have tenacity and no fear. They are very athletic and talented. Yet the Pacers turned over the ball too much and seem like they were in too much of a hurry to score instead of letting it happen in the natural course of the game.

LeBron James became LeBron wow. People I have said this many times to many people. When you are talking about LeBron you are talking about an all-time great player who when at his best is capable of not only dominating a game;he can carry the team to a title.

Lebron scored 40 points. He had 18 rebounds and 9 assists. Some of his passes were beautiful. His game yesterday opened up the floor for Wade who played brilliantly with a 30 point effort and Udonis Haslem(14 points)who shots were in a timely fashion to put a dagger in the heart of the Pacers.

Roy Hibbert had only 10 points. Collison had 16 points and was really the Pacers' best player on the floor yesterday. Like I said earlier in the post;this win does not mean Miami is saved. Without Bosh they still have a huge matchup problem with Hibbert.

Plus unless Battier,Miller,Haslem,or Joel Anthony step up the Pacers can still win this series.However Miami did give themselves a chance.What they do with it is now up to them. I do think it will go seven and the Heat will have to win the 7th game in south beach. Yet give the Heat credit from averting and holding off disaster which had they went down 3-1 was on the horizon.

The Spurs move on to the Western conference finals and unless a miracle is in store for the purple and gold;the Spurs will be playing OKC in what i think is an outstanding matchup.Folks if the Spurs win the title in the fashion that they are playing they have to be mentioned in the catergory of the Celtics and Lakers as all-time organizations in the history of this league.

As a Laker fan it is weird for me to sing the praises of the Spurs.However when it is this obvious and this team is this good then I have to say something about this team and organization who has become a worthy and excellent rival that should be respected and fully admired.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gibbs family. Robin Gibbs lost his battle with cancer.The Gibbs were talented and very much were a part of the disco era of the 1970's.Their music was timeless and wonderful back then and now.

Take care and be well. 

After game 5, the Heat won, they now take a 3-2 series lead. I think they will advance in the EAST conference and im sure they will beat the Pacers on game 6.

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