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Aventurine quartz: I had a dream about green/blue ...

aventurine quartz: I had a dream about green/blue aventurine being needed by a lady who is ill. I am not familiar with healing or metaphysical qualities of this stone. Can you answer my question in this light?

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Dream Symbols:

Woman:  To dream of women foreshadows intrigue. (It would have helped make a more specific interpretation had you specified the woman's appearance - hair color, prominent features, age, etc).

Sickness:  To dream of illness is a sign of trouble and/or real sickness in your family.  Discord is "waiting in the wings".


Stone Meanings:

Blue Aveturine: Is a powerful mental healer.

Green Aventurine: Is a comfort stone, heart healer/protector, and general harmonizer. This stone brings things back into control and is useful for malignant conditions. Settles nausea, dissolves negative thoughts emotions. Green Aventurine is an all-around healer that brings in well-being and emotional calm.

Aventurine: Protects you from geopathic stress - stress that is created by subtle emanations and energy disturbances from things like underground water, power lines, cellphone/computer EMF, etc. Geopathic stress can affect and pollute people or buildings, leading to dis-ease of all kinds.  Dis-ease, as it pertains to the metaphysical realm, is the state of being that results from physical imbalances, blocked feelings, suppressed emotions, and negative thinking.


My Interpretation:

What this dream is basically trying to say is that something, or more likely someone, is making you physically and/or emotionally "sick". In my opinion, you are associating with someone, most likely a female, who is a "psychic vampire". Every interaction with this person leaves you physically drained and emotionally worn out.  These interactions need to be eliminated if possible, and if not possible (say a family member), you need to drastically reduce your association with them before you develop a more serious medical condition because of your "weakened" state right now.

Either way this dreams means you are susceptible to psychic attack and vampirism.  Look up your local metaphysical shop, or specialty jewelry shop, and pick up some Green Aventurine to heal the damages already done and get some Fire Agate to reflect future "attacks" (most "attacks" are inadvertent, they don't even know they are doing it) back to it's source.



Best Wishes & Blessed Be,

Celestial Beginnings

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