Metal in the mouth

In the movie "Kiss Of Death", the character played by Nicholas Cage can't put metal in his mouth. Is this a real condition? What causes it?

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I have not seen the movie for a long time, and I remembered the character issue with metal rather well, but as far as I remember he just hated the metallic taste.


Little Junior Brown: I ain't going back to jail. I'm tired. They didn't allow me to use silverware. I had to use my fingers. That's right; they didn't even allow me to use plastic spoons, forks, and knives! But I do hate the taste of metal in my mouth. That's why I refused to have braces.


In any case there are some people who are allergic to metal (some claim that 10% of the population have this allergy) and it is mainly affected by nickel. For these people touching metal (or wearing it) is an unpleasant experience, my guess that tasting it is not much better.

Metal allergy is a known phenomenon and it is usually revealed after metallic touch with the skin (like wearing earrings or wearing Jeans trousers with a metallic button). Usually people don't use metal objects in their mouths. However, one can assume that a person with that kind of allergy will suffer as well once a metal object touches his "inner" skin.

It's called a galvanic current reaction/ response (I suffer from this) and it's caused by different metals interacting with the saliva in your mouth producing a tiny electric field which causes sharp pain and discomfort.

Never heard of the metal allergies though but that sounds plausible.

Think back to those copper & zinc experiments kids used to perform that produced an electric current from elementary school.

If I put metal in my mouth my teeth hurt.


Meditatation, exercise, and a healthy diet  ~

I dont think its a real medical condition - just a personal preference of some people - probably a combination of the texture and the way their teeth react

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It's definitely REAL.

I had it as a child, and now one of my sons Girlfriend also has it. We have to have plastic cutlery in the house especially for her.

I have another friend who suffers from this disability. It's a disability for him because he also picks up radio signals 'ALL' of the time, driving him nuts sometimes. (No, I'm really not joking).

Don't know how it's caused. I only know mine started AFTER I contracted food poisoning at school. It only lasted a few years thankfully. Though I still can't 'touch' my teeth with metal cutlery, and sometimes washing them up can 'really' hurt my teeth.


HMmm.. getting controlled electric shocks in my mouth .... i wonder what it feels like.

Besides the conditions the people above had mentioned, some people that have had fillings in their teeth feel a sort of shocking sensation when metal comes into contact with their filling. Maybe he had fillings lol.

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