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What about metal banging noises in my ears?

I hear noises in my head at night, if I'm moving around. They usually stop if I sit down. They are different then ringing sounds. It's more like metal banging or tining sounds, like bom-bom, bom-bom. I also have a dull headache while this is happening. What do you think it is and should I see a doctor? These noises started after I began taking a new medication, Cymbalta. Could it be a side effect of the medicine.

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The exact same thing happens to me at night when I'm trying to sleep. I've noticed it happens when I'm really tired/stressed/anxious. I looked online and the only thing I can find in relation to it is possible tinnitus, is your hearing affected? I suffer from ear infections and I work in a club so it's loud music all the time, I was thinking it could be this however on all of the websites it says if its tinnitus it's normally a ringing noise whereas with this it sounds like metal banging together in my head and I get a pain in the back of my head.... I'm thinking I'm going to go to the Doctors!

I have had tinnitus in my left ear for 15 years, which I have learnt to live with. It is a constant high pitched ring, that gets louder if I have red wine, dark chocolate, too much arificial sweetener or excessive caffine. A few weeks ago, I developed a banging metallic sound in the same ear. The ENT specialist said that it was very rare for tinnitus to change after having is for so long. Upon examination, he found that the ear drum was not moving and concluded that I had an eustacian tube deficiency. He put me on a course of antibotics, a steroid nasal spray and antihistamine tablets. After one week, he said that the drum was moving slightly but I was still hearing the bang-bang sound. The next week, the drum began moving more normally and the banging sound began diminishing. It is now almost gone and even the tinnitus sounds less frustrating. So, if you are hearing that awful banging sound, you have a problem with your eardum, probably due to a bad cold, which can be cured by visiting an ENT specialist.

As an update, the ringging sound and banging are both gone. I visited yet another ENT specialist and all he could say is that I am blessed. That's exactaly how I feel. I now know that the banging, metallic sound is caused by antihistamines which thickens the nasal mucus. Stop all antihistimines, use as saline wash, drink lost of water and the mucus should get thinner. When it starts to run, the banging will stop, gradually at first.

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