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i only have aol for the message boards. why are you getting rid of them? Don't you realize how many people will never use aol again if you get rid of the message boards? bad idea!

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This is the second time they've done this.  Last time, the boards just disappeared.  This time they've added this ridiculous area.  Answers to just about all of the questions can be found with a simple Google search.

Totally true.. AOL will put the last spike in the coffin.

And it's STUPID.  This site is HUGE.  What do they gain by getting rid of something that take no space and that they don't even bother to maintain?

Well, we will just have to go elsewere.

If I find a place, I will report back.

There are other message boards.  I love the AOL message boards and I would stay with them if they kept the boards.  This is a sorry excuse for a replacement for the boards.  I have another board to go to and unless AOL comes to it's senses that's where I will be come February 20.

It an other example of liberals doing what they believe is best for you and everyone else.  PAT... tell us what the other message board you will go to.  I'd like to check it oyt.  Thanks.

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Ahhh, because this is where we were dumped by f*cking AOL? We were left without a board. Get it, dummy??

How come AOHELL is getting rid of the message boards? I'm guessing they

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