Menu for 30 people bbq birthday party

i need help planning a menu for a backyard birthday party for a 4 year old and 2 year old. 30 people should be here.

Please be as specific as possible as I have no talent for menu planning.

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I would just do a combination of some things... I would get hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken patties, and some wings. Then I would take some bbq sauce and marinate the wings. Then I would get some Montreal Chicken Seasoning and put it on the grilled chicken patties. For the veggies... I would get some veggie patties. I would get some french fries to make... some salads, and that's it. Just be creative. Publix has some great already made salads.

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This bbq, is it going to mostly be adults? You don't hear of a bbq for children this age very often. Is the meat going to be  "pulled pork" so there is only meat seasoned with a little bbq sauce and then put in hamburger buns and more sauce added if they want it? This is good for small hands and you can get small hamburger buns at most markets. Have dill pickles,and potato chips and the kids and adults can pig out without wasteing a lot of food.A pork roast cooked real tender and chopped up will feed a lot of people.Potato salad,slaw,or even mac and cheese is good for kids. Then you will have cake and ice cream so they have a large meal right there.Adults will enjoy too without having to be washing lots of hands and faces. You will do fine. Have fun, that's what it's about.

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pork bbq for adults.

and of course, for the kids, chicken bbq and hotdog with mallows are good choice.

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