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What mental illness causes a person to blame others for everything, never take responsibility, and always want to be a victim?

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I believe schizoaffective personality disorder as well as other schizoid disorders can cause these behaviors.The symptoms of blaming others and such,stem from paranoia,which is an underlying symptom of these disorders and illnesses.

If I can answer that,I'll holla" back!

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These are not answers to the problam,but symptoms that go along with the illness.1.Insecurity in ones self.




Paranoid schizophrenia comes close.

Alcoholism, while not a mental illness, is a close match, also.


Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

You must know my sister!  LOL    On a more serious note, I would be very interested in this answer.

As a person who has a mental illness, schizo-affective disorder to be specific, I can tell you that "being the victim" used to be all I thought about. I needed someone to pay special attention to me(usually the men in my life, but never sexually), and I came up with elaborate plans to make them do so. And they almost always worked, at least in my mind. And then I got help in the form of hospitalization and medication and therapy, lots and lots of therapy...and I no longer even have that urge.

As for blaming things on everyone else and never taking responsibility, I have never had a problem with that. But when someone close to you is not acting right and you know they need help, sit them down and talk to them...it doesn't have to be one on one...the more people on your side, the more convincing!

Smart girls are sexy.

This is considered emotional immaturity, not mental illness.

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I know this personality disorder so well!  It's sickning and sooo irritating to the responsible people around them who know how to apologize, and learn from their mistakes!  If I were to look at these types of people as "Mentally Ill" I would Name this problem (Narcissism), at it's finest.

Here are the Symtoms of a Narcissistic personality disorder:.. *Resentment of criticism.  *An exaggerated sense of self-importance.  *Preoccupation with fantasies of grandeur.  *Unreasonable expectations of special treatment by others.   *Demand for constant attention and admiration.  *Inability to recognize concerns of others.  *Chronic, intense envy.

Since they say the cause is unknown, there are no specific preventive measures. However, if narcissistic trends appear to be developing, especially in an older child, they may be reversed by seeking professional help without delay.

If you are a Godly person, you may also want to look at this from Spiritual standpoint. Not to be jugemental, (we all have our weaknesses), but Vanity is at the core of the Enemies Character! His personality!  It so important to Pray for eachother. God can work miracles!

God Bless you! 


  1. Glibness/superficial charm.
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth.
  3. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  4. Pathological lying
  5. Conning/manipulative
  6. Lack of remorse or guilt
  7. Shallow affect
  8. Callous/lack of empathy
  9. Parasitic lifestyle
  10. Poor behavioral controls
  11. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  12. Early behavior problems
  13. Lack of realistic, long-term plans
  14. Impulsivity
  15. Irresponsibility
  16. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  17. Many short-term marital relationships
  18. Juvenile delinquency
  19. Revocation of conditional release
  20. Criminal versatility (Hare, 1986)

Hi jamesshelmesisathief. Wow that's a long name.. Laughing!  Thanks for the (heads up!).. and thanks for this post. Looks like there are a few different lables for that personality. All pretty terrible.

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