At 4pm every day I get morning sickness just like in pregnancy my doctor cannot help it is not diabetes or stress i have tried cutting out certain food groups and eating little and often nothing works it is spoiliing my life my daughter is a doctor and she has never heard of it can anyone help

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Hi sue

You didn't tell us your age range...I have never heard of menopause doing this but it does do some weird things....If it is the same time everyday...Do you start thinking about it around that time of day....I can hear someone get sick...My brain tells me to get sick also....Wish i could really help you better.....Do you work around food that maybe that is what triggers it off ?

Good luck and please let us know if you find out .

God bless

Nanadee Cool

A penny saved is a penny earned

In pregnancy people tend to be very sensitive to their blood sugar levels.   Have you been tested for hypoglycemia?  It might be worth a try if for you to eat small amounts of protein every two or three hours. A snack with at least two ounces of protein and no sugar at around 3 to 3:30 pm might help.  Eat this with one half cup of starch, like a potato, nothing with wheat or corn in it.   

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Hey ya bro

Happy valentines day to you and mom.....How are you....Y'all staying warm.  Hope so.  Dont let her go out and you be careful.

Love ya lots

Your big sis...Dee..Miss you

A penny saved is a penny earned

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