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Mendini and Lazzaro saxophone review

Are Mendini or Lazzaro Saxophones worth buying?

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They are if you have an intrest in them and you would use it. If you would never use it them no they are not.

As it relates to quality; they are identified as 'beginner to intermediate' use instruments.  I have been playing professionally for many years and the Lazzaro brand is relatively new.  I have ordered the Lazzaro Soprano Sax and will be better qualified to answer this question in about one week. 

A low priced instrument may or may not be a good investment.  If, for example, it cannot be properly tuned then you wouldn't be able to use it.  Also,  if the key pad & guards are noisey then the sax probably isn't a good choice for concert band. Then again, I have played on one of my students budget saxophones & it had a tone paralled to that of my pro-line saxes.

I know this is a bit late but i was i question also about these horns and i was extreamely shocked. I have been playing the sax for 20 years dommiantly soprano. i play a yamaha YSS-875ex and the tone matched this lazarro( with my jodi jazz piece in of course) in tone quality. now i could be lucky and got a good one, who knows. but i think people shouldent be scared to try especialy those who want to learn and cant afford to play a top dollar horn. I read a lot of comments and everyone out there wants to discourage the art because the price and name of the equipment.

So to all the people who wants to learn dont be discouraged. this horn is a keeper.

My opinion is it depends...I bought a Mendini on E-bay new for $307 shipped and it came with a case, strap, a throw away mouthpiece and pieces of wood that they claim are reeds.  Although not clearly marked, I assume this is Chinese or Taiwanese (who else could make it at this price?). The mouthpiece and reeds are junk - after reequiping with first a Yamaha, then a Rico mouthpiece, I can get a decent tone and everything worked.

It also came with a chromatic tuner  - because it needs one.  The intonation is bad  -20 to +35/hz to start.  During long tones, I can adjust to pitch, but I have trouble on the fly - I adjusted a couple of key openings which helped but will have to adjust the cork to get a couple sharp notes down. 

Essentially, you get a lot for your money, and if you choose this horn, plan on spending a few bucks with a shop technician to tune this sucker up (A service you normally get with a new horn) even if your a novice or just in a school band.  If you get a year out of it, you've got your money's worth, but don't expect any service except by a local tech - I had a solder joint on the octave key come free (looked like no solder used) and had it fixed locally for $10 - saving the time and cost of shipping back to the importer.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase, because it got me playing at a reasonable price, although I'm already looking at semi-pro horns (Keilworth, Yamaha, Yanagisawa) for next summer...

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