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What don't men understand about women?

How do you make them understand? What don't men understand about women? 

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Women are saddled with alot of things their emotions and allthose complications I think it takes a real man to handle women any other type of man would have trouble. it take a real man to understand, tolerate and accept women

Honestly, I don't think men realize that women enjoy sex just as much as they do (and sometimes even more!)

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I think that it totally depends on the man... some men are terribly stupid, and others know women very well, and sometimes understand women better that the women even understand themselves.  You can't generalize about things like this.  Every person is so different from the next.

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Sad to say, most men don’t know how to make women attracted to them. This is why you see a lot of guys try so hard to impress women that sometimes they end up looking like jerks. They try so hard to make a certain woman like them that it doesn’t look natural anymore.

I don't think all men are idiots when it comes to women. Only some are Smile

And the ones who do understand women actually take the time to understand them.

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Some men don't understand that he needs to be honest.  Lying to her is wrong & disrespectful.  Once you lose her trust, you cannot get it back & the relationship is over.  While telling the truth might hurt her a little, lying to her will destroy the relationship.  She will respect you more, if you are honest.  There are so few "men" but many boys. Yell



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I think a lot of men do understand women. Especially men who have grown up with sisters, or who have strong mothers or grandmothers. In this age, when information is available on the Internet, and people are outspoken in public forums, it is easier to express your opinions and get feedback. It is possible to get answers to your questions when you don't "get" women or their behavior.

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