Why are men obsessed with porn?

Is there any scientific reason for why porn is so popular among men ? Is it some kind of biological feature or rather a Social standard men feel they have to meet?

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i dont know any scientific reason why men enjoy porn but i can tell you this...

for many ive talked to they enjoy watching because either they are too nervous to go out and have their own sexual experiences, or they have tried and failed.

i think that a lot of guys are uncomfortable about their own sexual behavior due to lack of experience, so it is so much easier to become familiar with many sexual acts simply by watching. 

I'd disagree with Tony. I think porn can be a healthy part of anyones sexual health, even for couples. It can encourage people to try new things, be more comfortable with their bodies, and generally feel more comfortable about sex (society could defiantly benefit from  all of this).

Sure many guys turn to porn in dry spells but this perfectly healthy, and I think you'll find that any insecurities are not a result of this.

 However I think it can be said that porn need to be "taken with a pinch of salt" and that it's important to remember not to be influenced by the sometimes negative stereotypes that are often enforced. 

 As for why men tend towards porn more than women I think the general consensus is that women tend to have much more of an emotional link to sex than men (for evolutionary reasons I believe), and that most pornography is very much aimed at guys. Saying that porn is becoming more popular for women, and hence you'll see much more aimed at women than ever before. 

Speak in general, please. I think I.m.o because this fuckin' social rules give them a frustration, they feel themselves like their desire and lust is gross, horrible, primitive and the women's one, instead, is a smaller, classy one. They believe. They keep being refused by women who think of themselves as who know what they deserve. So someone become a machiavellian seductor, and others get sucked in the porno vortex, and, like a vicious circle, women think them as even more maniac and sex addicted. Boys, look less at the girl's exterior appearence get turned on by their freedom of action and thought. Girls, stop taking so fuckin' heavily one of the life major pleasure, don't give a damn of what the fake friends, envious and moralist think of your healthy behaviors. And make the first step, sometimes, you are only going to aquaint a boy. And why being afraid of being rated unserious? if he even thinks that (in 2007?) he'd be a one-way asshole and, I guess, very hypocrital and possessive, and you just spare your time detecting him as soon as possible.

Boys, remember, you shouldn't have to pay a penny for something a wholesome girl want as you do. You have to know that they too masturbate thinking of a boy in an erotic situation. One thing is buy her something together. that's good unless she never buy you something in a while. Too ofte they are self indulged in a narcisistic manner gauging their importance by the power they think to have.

Ok, this one is simple.  Men are visual creatures and women are audible.  Meaning, men are more aroused by visual aids being pictures, movies and things like that.  Women are want to be seduced with words and stories that provoke thoughts and fantasies.  This is a scientific fact you can google it.

I'm trying to figure out the same thing...my personal views have changed over the years...esp after I got into a long lasting relationship.  I'm actually writing an essay about this for school so I am trying to research as much as I can...so what do you think?!



In college I read a book called "Pornography And Censorship" by David Copp and Susan Wendell.

It's whole slant was that porn caused violence and they used statistics to try to  prove it.

If you actually read the book and think about the statistic they present you then you realize that a quarter century of feminism was based on these studies and then you realize how flawed the studies actually are. 

This stuff is silly.  It is the foundation of all these so called studies on aggression that motivates idiots like Hannover/Ghouliani administration.  One of the stupidest studies involved showing a violent pornographic film to both a male and then a female.  They noted that the woman got as aggressive as did the male. Biased they speculated that the women were identifying with the victim and were incensed.  Talk about projection eh?  If there is one thing I know from living with my girl it is that she has more violent thoughts towards women then I ever did. Feminism takes some data and distorts it.  It is a game.  It is the ultimate stalker. It is stalking the male sex.  It is a control mechanism to return us to Alpha Male mentality of the Gorillia herds of one male and nine females.  If these morons can show that men are somehow objectiviely more violent... then you can justify a police state.  Anyone who lived in New York City in the 90's and saw Ghouliani go after the Porn industry like he did would see the real aggression.  And it wasn't coming from Porn.  The aggression came out any way it could... racism... you name it.  It was just a good old Alpha Male standing up for the Gorilla harem of overstimulated Gorilla women.  The fact is that women have as many violent feelings towards women as men do.  and the data that was interpreted in the study was overlooked so that they could come to they're own conclusions.  The women were not feeling victimized by the aggressive Porn... the women were enjoying the high of a virtual power.  But this is not related to our issue exactly... (but it kind of is)  The reason I bring it up is because it is an illustrated example of feminist literature based on so called "scientific studies" where the data is interpreted the way the scientists want it.

Anyone who has been to high school knows that the girls tease and the boys hit. No self righteous study like the ones by Susan Wendell can change my memory of 33 years of my life.  "CALL A SPADE A SPADE".  The reason psychoanalysis is so lost these days is we are turning it into a statistical science.  It just is not that kind of thing.  People don't test the way they act in life.  The reason Freud's analysis is so useful even today (even when he is wrong) is that he just went out there and wrote what happened.  He never creates controlled environments.
When we start with the institutional statistics and experiments,  the end result will always be what the institution wants to prove. Is it no wonder a generation of young boys were forced on Prozac.  I guess the studies said that they would behave better.... but the studies could not see the long term result.  They couldn't realize that these little boys were just being little boys... not girls.  In the case of Prozac the industry wanted to sell drugs... and the studies proved what they wanted to see.
 That is my first point.  My second point is how could there be studies of violent offenders when by nature offenders would not be able to be observed. 
Have you ever seen the way Hilary Clinton conducts herself on T.V..  Do you think G.W.Bush would get away with behaving like she does?  We accept her behavior as being feminine and then she pushes back a double standard of claiming she is there to break boundaries.  Your not allowed to say anything.  and the elitists online will tease me endlessly for pointing this out.  But when the people go to that polls in November you will see who feels a certain violence coming from certain parties.

 I'm not claiming that violence isn't a more male crime.  What I'm claiming is that in the same vein Cyberbullying is a female trait.  It is "TEASING" magnified.  Our culture just does not have the history with the internet to deal with it yet legally and sociologically.   But it is an offense that is happening. 

To project violence into the male conscience in relation to porn is foolish.  There are plenty of less direct acts of violence perpetrated by women and they are destructive and unrelated to visual sexuality, but rather related to power.  If anything porn gives power to men and therefor makes them less desperate to commit an act of violence.  

 (also to note) There were studies that I think I del.icio.us -ed that showed that women are more apt to respond to body posture then a person's face.  This would explain why our gender developed a more likeable childlike face on the female persuasion then the male.  It would seem that body posture are the primary influences in the so called more emotional stimulation.  The idea that men are simple more "Visual" is a bit of a myth; men are more visual to the emotion of a woman's acceptance and approval and psychological studies of men show that 9 times out of ten the element that excites the male is the actual face of a woman.  He might check at first for proportions, but once that is taken care of sexual stimulation for men both on video studies and in reality go directly to a woman's face, while women look for posture to attain if the mate is strong enough to support her community interests in her libidinal nature


Man who lives in glass house dresses in basement

An interest in porn is part of a healthy sexual behavior.  We are sexual people and express ourselves sexually.  We kiss, we touch, and we share pleasure with each other.  Men in particular have a survival trait to maintain the species.  Watching porn is one way to satisfy that integral part of who we are in a society where we maintain monogamy in relationships, marriages, and families.

Additionally, men need to regularly ejaculate in order to avoid cancer and keep hormone levels in balance.  Porn, the visual stimulation, is one way to maintain that physical health. 

as far as visual studies of porn


below is taken from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17362952 Rupp HA, Wallen K. Department of Psychology and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA. hrupp@indiana.edu 

Men and women exhibit different neural, genital, and subjective arousal responses to visual sexual stimuli. The source of these sex differences is unknown. We hypothesized that men and women look differently at sexual stimuli, resulting in different responses. We used eye tracking to measure looking by 15 male and 30 female (15 normal cycling (NC) and 15 oral contracepting (OC)) heterosexual adults viewing sexually explicit photos. NC Women were tested during their menstrual, periovulatory, and luteal phases while Men and OC Women were tested at equivalent intervals, producing three test sessions per individual. Men, NC, and OC Women differed in the relative amounts of first looks towards, percent time looking at, and probability of looking at, defined regions of the pictures. Men spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at female faces. NC Women had more first looks towards, spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at genitals. OC Women spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at contextual regions of pictures, those featuring clothing or background. Groups did not differ in looking at the female body. Menstrual cycle phase did not affect women's looking patterns. However, differences between OC and NC groups suggest hormonal influences on attention to sexual stimuli that were unexplained by subject characteristic differences. Our finding that men and women attend to different aspects of the same visual sexual stimuli could reflect pre-existing cognitive biases that possibly contribute to sex differences in neural, subjective, and physiological arousal. 



drawing by yours trully 

Man who lives in glass house dresses in basement

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