Men who lay there while having sex?

I had sex with a man who just layed there with the occasional grunt. I was on top and going at it; it felt great. The only time he put in work was when he was on top. Men hate when women just lay there so why do you? I was to embarrased to ask him to move that ass it felt so good when he did once or twice just was wondering what is the deal. We went at it again but doggie style I started moving my ass in a cirlce then reached back and caressed his sack gently and then it was over. I never orgasmed but the sex was great too bad it will never happen again. I did forget one point during sex it was over because he lost his erection; I thought it was because I had started to get dry but once he lost his erection we tried everything and we couldn't get it back so I told him we should stop I told him we could never have sex again but it was not for that reason. Sorry I left that part out needless to say things have not been the same.

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He obviously had not fully developed his mind reading skills sufficiently.


Rob Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

Lol good answer Rob. Yeah it seems most guys don't take initiative. All you had to do was order him to f*** you really hard or ask him to play with your tits.

Yeah us guys hate it when a woman just lies there.

How can you NOT move when someone's on top of you?

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I guess just like some woman just lie there and don't move, some men are the same.

You get good lovers and you get bad lovers - male or female.

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There is another possibility for his behavior; since this was your first time together, and by your description you were so enthusiastic, he may have felt overly excited which can lead to premature ejaculation on his part. To try to prevent this, he was not being as active as he might normally be, hoping he could last longer and satisfy you. You're complaining about not having an orgasm (and rightfully so) but when I read the following "... reached back and caressed his sack gently and then it was over" this action apparently sent him over the top.

The next comment that caught my attention is; "...  the sex was great too bad it will never happen again." Since you enjoyed yourself, and you liked the guy well enough to have sex, why not give him another chance, but have a conversation first and tell him what you'd like? You might even ask him the same question. Who knows, this might lead to great sex and even a relationship based non something other than sex. I've heard a rumor that some women think there's more to life than sex but from most of the girls I talk to it's unproven at this point.

"I've heard you're a low down yankee liar!"

Great answer Gary, hadn't thought about that. Sounds to me like it was just about sex though with him.

If he can't be bothered to put in the same effort as you into your sexual experience then he isn't worth having sex with!!

really? your lucky one of us has common sense! find someone else or tell him to quit being a lazy f****. if he keeps laying there put a dildo in his ass!  i bet he moves then!

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Men who lay there while having sex?

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