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Why do men falsely accuse their wives of cheating?

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Because their just as jealous and insecure as wives who accuse their husbands of the same thing without positive proof.. With positive proof there's no need to accuse, only to set the divorce date.. With heresay proof, you eat yourself away trying to justify your insecurity by accusing in order to find an answer that will never come by asking, demanding or threatening.

Newbie - get some maturity - we all know for a fact that works BOTH ways Undecided

What is truth -

Because sometimes they are insanely jealous. At other times it is because wives have certain way of behaving amongst other men that can be loosely referred to as freely. :)

Some people, men or women, doesn't matter here, are extremely jealous. In most cases, this has nothing to do with person that they are jealous on.

Some people are jealous, plain and simple. Sometimes that can scale out of proportions but healthy jealousy is nothing to be afraid of. After all, it is rooted in the feeling of love.

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Why do men accuse wives of affairs?

Because HE is/was cheating on you!

Complaint for false accusation filed false arrest (crime comited

How delightfully interesting! What a stimulating read!!! I loved it. And the question is so subtle!

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Hi, It's time to leave the man. He'll never change. Find a nice trustworthy man. Take care