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What does MELK mean in Paranormal activity 2?

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Very complicated in blinding with each---UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: MELK_HUMAN, Q14680

Function: Phosphorylates ZNF622 and may contribute to its redirection to the nucleus. May be involved in the inhibition of spliceosome assembly during mitosis
Gene entry for MELK
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As you may have seen in other forums, there is much speculation that the word MELK that appears to be scribbled on the basement door in Paranormal Acitivity 2 is in fact the word MEUS. If you watch that scene more closely you can see that the supposed L does have an ascending line that just isnt fully completed. The most compelling reason to believe that the word is in fact MEUS is that the latin meaning of the word is "MINE" in the possessive form. Also, if you take a look below it you can pretty clearly make out the letters FA. A search for this word in latin came up with nothing... but upon looking up latin words that begin with the prefix FA- most of them had very negative connotations, such as MY DESTINY, MY DOOM, MY TERROR etc. Is it possible that the word itself was just not completed? 

Without a doubt there will be a sequel... as there are many unanswered questions (the greatest of all being the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter) and besides.... this movie franchise has made bank so far so why stop now when the story could easily continue?

Was it just me or was the second way better than the first? 

MELK is in LATIN and it spells the word MEUS wich means (possessively) "MINE"

Actually guys, Melk refers to an ancient deity (also called Moloch). Moloch is actually mentioned in the bible (1 Kings 11:7).  The primary means of worship to Moloch....you guessed it, child sacrifice. Hope this helps.  Check out these 2 sites, they explain everything.

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