What are meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses like? See: http://www.knocking.org

What are meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses like?

Knocking.org states:
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Its like lessons, and learning how to do what God Jehovah whants us to do in our life. You can learn alot by going to these meetings and make your life better, and not just for now but even in the future. And you can make alot of nice real friends that will help you in everything in your life. You become more happy in life because you are living not just for yourself but for others. There you learn how you should be as a good person and start becoming happyer by doing good deeds to other people, and one of the most important things is telling what is the truth to other people, like - why we are here, What hapend in the past and what will hapen in the future. And you will start to see that God did so much for us. You sing there and pray. But most of the time is learning about the great cuolitese of Jehovah God and his sun Jeses and how we can be like them as humans. If you have the oportunity to go to the meetings you should go you will shurly learn alot of new things and meet alot of friendly people.

Most congregations of Jehovah's MeetingsWitnesses have meetings three times each week. You are invited to attend any of these. (Hebrews 10:24, 25) The Bible is the basis for what is taught. Meetings are opened and closed with prayer. Heartfelt "spiritual songs" are also sung at most meetings. (Ephesians 5:18, 19) Admission is free, and no collections are taken.—Matthew 10:8.


I was invited to answer the question, but am not a Jehovah Witness, and never attended a service.  I have however been approached many times by them and read a few pages in their Lighthouse magazine.  I am not sure they teach the complete scripture.  Do not believe in hell, and they think they can return from the dead according to my cousins wife who was a Witness.  Unfortunately, she passed away over thirty years ago, and she is still in the grave.  They do not celebrate the Christmas or Easter Holidays, and I don't believe they celebrate their own birthday.  They are secretive to a certain extent, about the services.  If I were you I would find a church that teaches the whole Bible, and the plan of salvation. 

God did not give me the spirit of fear, but that of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2nd Timothy-1:7.

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