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For people suffering from chronic pain meditation is a good thing to get into. I read about some who have surgery without anaesthetic using this technique. Is the mind really that powerful?

Yes. If you train the mind it can be that powerful. Most people are never going to get to first base. Most people wouldn´t be able to trust themselves not to lose it in the middle of the surgery. We´re talking about the level of Bhudist monks here.

Another possibility of surgery without anaesthetic is to be hypnotized. This can be done by a licensed practioner.

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i need surgery real surgery in an operating room with a reallly good specialist to not be in physical pain and be able to take medication for pain that i really do have.

most folks who have a willl to live will try to do almost anything to survive and meditation is just one of those things that willl relieve physical pain.



i also will not be undergoing regular surgery without regular anesthesia.........what i telll myself is if i get through this whatever it is that i tell myself then i will be able to be pain free.......that is what i tell myself.  it is like having baby wihtout anesthesia, you tell yourself that you can have pain medication after the baby is born.  


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