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Does anyone know what drugs can be liquified in a ...

Does anyone know what drugs can be liquified in a spoon and shot up?  White residue is left in the spoon.  I have found the spoon and needle in my son's room and can't find any answers!!  Please advise if anyone knows!!

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It sounds like meth or possibly cocaine....

It could be MANY things. Do you know if he uses pain pills alot? I know people who crush up their narcotic pain pills (and the majority of them are white power when crushed up) melt them with water on a spoon, shoot it up, and there is white residue leftover. The best way to find out is to buy an over the counter drug test. You can get them at drugstores like walgreens, in the pharmacy department.  If the test is positive for Opaites , then he is sureley using narcotic pains pills (i.e. oxy contin, percocet, morphine, delautid) the list goes on. However Jerigi could also be correct with the meth/crack/cocaine answer. Its hard telling without personal use, or a drug test.Hope I could help ya out.

I have been an addict since 71'. these days it is almost impossable to tell without going to police---- DO NOT DO THAT !   Speak to your child openly and honostly      Prayer helps. rob

You are probably talking about cocaine or methamphetamine. I suggest you immediately get help and advice from local support groups for addicts. You can call any of the local hospital social services departments and ask for the location and contact information for support groups for families of addicts.  I would also suggest you consult a psychiatrist or drug addiction counselor. If you can't afford one, call your local city hall and ask for the location and contact information for social services in your community. There are programs that charge a sliding scale or provide free counseling. You as a family member need counseling along with the addict. Addictions, especially ones where a person "shoots up" are deadly and destroy not just the addict but the family. An addict as well as the family cannot handle such an explosive, deadly, dangerous, and serious issue without professional help. Get some help for yourself to learn how to deal with it and for the addict immediately.

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