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Which is the best medicine to get relief from effective narcotic pain? One of my doctor suggested to consume Oxycontin.Anyone have any experience about the Oxycontin ,if so please share..

Narcotic pain? Narcotics don't cause pain, they relieve pain. Your question, like so many others on here, makes no sense. Please learn how to speak English.

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Anonymous Comment

damn idiot, do you really not know what she meant?  some people are so stupid.

Anonymous Comment

I know what she wrote and it makes no sense. It's not my responsibility to figure out what someone meant. If they can't write a coherent question they should go back to school.

BTW AH, I notice you didn't answer her question. If you knew what she meant, why didn't you answer it instead of being a dick?


if you feel no responsibility, then why do you bother with you just want to sound like a smartass and be insulting to everyone...have you ever answered a question without insulting someone???

Anonymous Comment

Hey hypocrite!! Did you answer the question? NO!!!

You just stopped by to be a smartass and insult someone. How ironic!! Pot meet kettle.

So many idiots, so little time.

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