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What does a roxy 30mg look like

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I have to assume tou are referring to Roxicodone 30mg immediate release tablets formerly manufactured by & distributed by DISTRIBUTED BY manufactured by Roxanne Laboratories located in Columbus , Ohio). Presently thr drug in a product of Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals of Louisville Kentucky. It is a blue scored tablet ( can be split in half) embossed with 54 and 199 on one side. The 54 refers to the manufacturer (previous) identity 00054. The 199 refers to the manufacturer's specific product (one on hundreds made by the company (0199) and finally (01) refers to a package size of 100 Count bottle. Every prescription drug bears a "National Drug Code" or NDC # which identifies the manufacturer, product , and package size. A relatively simple website you may want to refer to is www.drugs.com (ironic and straight to the point in it's address huh?). This site can be used by lay persons as well as health care professionals and is extremely useful in identifying drugs (rx & over the counter "OTC"). As well the indications for the drug, adverse reactions, dug interactions, dosing, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and much more can be reserched here. Ate my present Pratice Site ( I am a Pharmacist) I mis having accesss to drugs.com as we do not have unrestriced access to the internet. At my previous employment ( a 5 store independent chain of pharmacies owned by myself and late Father) I used the site so often as to place a link to it on my desktop. THIS AS WELL AS ALL OXYCODONE CONTAINING PRODUCTS ARE EXTREMELY POTENT AND POWERFUL DRUGS AND ARE OFTEN THE SUBJECT OF MISUSE/ABUSE. THEY CAN BE USED ALONE OR IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER ANALGESICS AND ARE TYPICALLY PRESCRIBED BY A PHYSICIAN SPEACIALIZING IN PAIN MANAGEMENT (ALTHOUGH NOT EXCLUSIVELY). SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION AND CARDIAC TOXICITY. THESE DRUGS HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE ( THEY ARE C II SCHEDULED CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES...C I CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES INCLUDE LSD, HEROIN, PSILOCYBIN, AND CRYSTAL METHAMPHETAMINE TO NAME A FEW). THE "STREET VALUE VARIES BUT ONE SOURCE REPORTS THAT OXYCONTIN ( A 12 HOUR LONG ACTING DOSAGE FORM OF OXYCODONE MADE BY PURDUE FREDERICK PHARMACEUTICALS) IS SO WIDELY ABUSED AND SOUGH AFTER ON THE STREET/ SECONDARY MARKET THAT IT CAN SELL FOR AS MUCH AS $1.00 TO $2.00 PER MILLIGRAM. DO THE MATH...AN 80MG OXYCONTIN CAN FETCH AS MUCH AS $160.00 ON THE STREET. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON TO DISPENSE 90 TO 120 TABLETS PURSUANT TO A LEGITAMATE PRESCRIPTION TO AN INDIVIDUAL. THAT PATIENT WOULD TYPICALLY HAVE RX INSURANCE AND IN THE CASE OF MEDICAID/CARESOURCE/WELLCARE/ ANTHEM MEDICAIDE/MEDICARE PART D PLANS MAY PAY $0.00 FOR THE RX. ASSUMING THAT PERSON IS SCAMMING THE DOCTOR AND PHARMACIST, A 100 COUNT RX COULD BE CONVERTED INTO $8,000.00 TO $16,000.00 DOLLARS!! IT IS NOT UNCOMMOM FOR PATIENTS WITH OUT RX INSURANCE TO PURSCHASE THE RX OUTRIGHT AT A RETAIL PRICE OF $1,400.00 TO $1,600.00. THEY HAVE A LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NEED AND MUST HAVE THE DRUG OR WILL EXPERIENCE EXPLOSIVE WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS! aT ONE TIME THER WAS A 160MG OXYCONTIN TABLET MARKETED BUT IT WAS DISCONTINUED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. MY INTENTION IS NOT TO SCARE NOR PREACH TO YOU...RATHER TO SIMPLY INFORM YOU OF WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH. By the way there are a number of manufacturers of oxycodone tablets, liquids, concentrates, capsules amd extened release dosage forms. Roxicodone is just one of many. Hope I was helpful. Use the web site drugs.com....Pharmacists rely on it and so can you! Take Care!

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