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Being a man why would I throw up after sex

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If there is nothing physically wrong with you, I would talk to a psychiatrist.

Your creative mind is your ticket to greatnesss.

and if its not a mental problem, could it have to do with my heart problem?

Since I am not a doctor I can't answer your question. I would set up an appointment with your doctor and check out various possibilities as to why this is happening.

Your creative mind is your ticket to greatnesss.

Do you have a headache or any other symptons when that happens? There is a form of a migraine that some people experience right after sex. Also there are some migraines that do not actually give you a headache. such as blurred vision,tunnel vision,sparkles in front of your eyes, ect. Look up migraines on the internet and check it out. Good luck.

I can not find anyone who can answer this question either. I experianced this after sex the last two times I had sex. I would chough and spit up and then it lead to me throwing up. This last for about 45 minutes to an hour. The flem is pinkage in color. My nose even start to run. Can some doctor answer this question and not tell us it is smell or innere ear or in some case mental.

The same thing happens to me, and usually only happens when I'm doing most of the work & get really hot. Once I lay down to catch my breath, I usually feel really hot & think the burst of physical activity & motion is to blame. I'm not in the best of shape right now so that's what makes me think it's the physical activity. Hopefully after I get my knee scoped & I can run again, I can test that theory once I have better cardio conditioning. Also, last weekend, it didn't happen & I was much less 'aggressive', whereas last night, it was a lot of hard pounding, so it's definitely related to the amount of exertion, in my humble opinion, & quite possibly motion related as well. 

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