What does ng/ml mean in medical terms? and how many ng/ml are in a milligram?

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I am not entirely sure, I think it's nano-grams per mili liters.  A mili-liter (1/1000 of a litter) is 1 cm^3.  Nano is 10^[-9] that means 1/1000 of a millionth (1/1000000).  All in all it is:  How many nano-grams of that specific stuff are present in 1 c"m^3 of the solution.  I hope I am clear enough.
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if i was taking methadone at 40 milligrams a day how many ng/ml would that be? question # 2 if i wanted to be in between 200 to 300ng/ml on methadone what would be the correct dosage in millgrams?

How does 410ng/ml of morphine show in a urine test if nothing has been taken or can somebody quantifie this level

How does 410ng/ml of morphine show in a urine test if nothing has been taken or can somebody quantifie this level

What is the normal range of plasma retinol in human beings?

is 400 ng/ml alprazolam considered enought to not be able to drive a vehicle.

if i am on MMT 15mg Methadone a day, and had use a 100mgof heoin. is coreect to get a urine screening result 1200 ng/ml ???

please let me know couse i lost my MMT and still suffering due to the positive result

Many thanks

if you take a urine drug test and you ng/ml for thc is 96 ..is that passing?

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ng = nano-grams (or 10^-9 g"r) ml = mili-litter (or 1/1000 of a litter or 1 c"c [cubic centimeter). 4.9 ng/ml means 4.9 nano-grams of that material in 1 c"c.

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