Granted that the Ave Maria/Hail Mary is not worship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, but to honour her, it is still in the form of a prayer to her.  In the Old Testament prayer is to be made to God alone; in the New Testament we can pray either to God the Father and/or to the Lord Jesus Christ who is Himself one with the Father.  But there is no hint in scripture that we may pray to any other, nor that they have any power to help or answer our prayers.  The Church, of whatever denomination, has no right to go beyond what the Bible teaches so clearly.  Nevertheless, I do understand that women often feel the need to pray to a female "divinity" -- but rather talk things over with a mature feminine Christian friend or counsellor .

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Just one question for you John Do you ever ask your friends to pray for you? Id rather ask Mother Mary to pray for me


Thanks, canz.  Yes, I do ask friends to pray for me, and sometimes share my difficulties and failures with them, because the Bible says "confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another" (in the epistle of James).  I also note that Paul frequently asked members of the various churches to which he wrote to pray for him, for those in authority, and for one another.  My problem with asking Mary to pray for us is two-fold: there is no warrant for this in the Bible, and there is no suggestion that the departed (ANY of the departed) can even see us or hear us. Any contact with the dead is forbidden in the Bible as spiritism.  

Please note that I am not in any way trying to criticise or insult Mary herself. Sincerely, Johan



I ask that you please respect our catholic beliefs. I believe that there is no wrong in me praying to our Lord through Our Lady, or any other catholic Saint. I believe there is no wrong in you sharing your difficulties and failures with your friends, and praying directly to God for forgiveness. I think the only wrong is to spend so much time debating on who is wrong, who is right, and who has the most proof or best interpretation of scripture. I will pray for you.




Dear Johan,

In our life we'll keep our mother in high pedestal and go to her while we are happy or sad and she listens and helps us in so many ways and I hope you too go to your mother when you're in any situation. "Mother Mary" the most decorated and esteemed of all women, whom God himself chose to carry his son into this world and if we pray and ask help form Mother Mary, what is wrong in this.

With her permission only Jesus did his first miracle. So we believe when she prays for us, surely he'll listen and he has.

As Blaise said please respect our catholic beliefs and if you can't then just stay out of it..

May Mother Mary showers all her blessing on you and keep you away from all your troubles. Amen


Renee Thinks this answer is Helpful:

        It is very difficult to change our point of view when we've followed traditions blindly for so long! If we really want to worship God in the right way, why not look into the Bible for the only trustworthy direction?   I understand that Mary was a very special('favored') and  virtous person, so special that out of millions of young women in the world at that time, God chose her to carry His Son!  But does the Bible say to 'hail' her or put her up on a pedestal? Does it mention anywhere in the Bible about Mary interceding our prayers? It mentioned about Jesus and the Holy Spirit interceding our prayers to the Father, taking the place of the High priest in the Old Testament!

               When it comes to our eternal lives, I'd rather find out the truth myself from the holy Bible  rather than, blindly following traditions mixed with some truths and fables! If we earnestly seek the truth from God, with open mind, He promised to reveal Himself to us! Jesus said, "I am  the way, the truth and the life. Noone comes to the Father, except through me"( John 14:6)  Does that mean not even through Mary?!

May God reveal the truth to you, so you can clearly distinguish between the truth and well-practised traditions! The only accurate answer lies in the Bible, (not traditional books) Amen!

"The truth shall set you free" John 8:32

     ~ Renee

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