What is the meaning to the lyrics to ave maria

what is the meaning to the lyrics to ave maria


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It's a hymn, praising the Mother of the Lord. Ave Maria literally means Come to Us Mary. Here's the translation of the hymn:


Ave Maria
Ave Maria! Ave Maria! maiden mild!
Listen to a maiden's prayer!
Thou canst hear though from the wild,
Thou canst save amid despair.
Safe may we sleep beneath thy care,
Though banish'd, outcast and reviled -
Maiden! hear a maiden's prayer;
Mother, hear a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria! undefiled!
The flinty couch we now must share
Shall seem this down of eider piled,
If thy protection hover there.
The murky cavern's heavy air
Shall breathe of balm if thou hast smiled;
Then, Maiden! hear a maiden's prayer;
Mother, list a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria! stainless styled!
Foul demons of the earth and air,
From this their wonted haunt exiled,
Shall flee before thy presence fair.
We bow us to our lot of care,
Beneath thy guidance reconciled;
Hear for a maid a maiden's prayer,
And for a father hear a child!
Ave Maria!

Actually when translated from latin, ave Maria means hail mary.

Actually when traslated from latin ave Maria means hail Mary NOT come to us Mary.

I take this song's meaning in reference to Mary Magdalene ... giving regard to her and the heritage that has been created but is being re-created in the search for the Divine Feminine.  She was the maiden and then the mother according to many beliefs.  If interested, read The Woman with the Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird.

Correct! It does mean hail Mary.  In other words it is the worship of Mary as queen of heaven (see 1994 Catholic catechism  p252 #966) This is condemned by God in Jeremiah 7:18

Ave Maria is the Hail Mary prayer sung in Latin. The Hail Mary is a Catholic prayer meant to honor, NOT WORSHIP, Mary the Mother of Jesus. The word "hail" does not mean worship (look it up), it means to acclaim or acknowledge. Catholics hold Mary in high regard because she was such a holy woman that she was honored enough to be chosen by God to birth and raise his Son. She is considered a holy woman and saint by Catholics and thus is prayed to in hopes that she will intercede (read: put in a good work to God) for us and our intentions on earth.

There is a biblical basis for the Hail Mary/Ave Maria. Here is an excerpt from www.justforcatholics.org if you are interested:

"It is commonly described as consisting of three parts. The first, "Hail (Mary) full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women", embodies the words used by the Angel Gabriel in saluting the Blessed Virgin (Luke, I, 28). The second, "and blessed is the fruit of thy womb (Jesus)", is borrowed from the Divinely inspired greeting of St. Elizabeth (Luke, I, 42)...Finally, the petition "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen," is stated by the official "Catechism of the Council of Trent" to have been framed by the Church itself."

Granted that the Ave Maria/Hail Mary is not worship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, but to honour her, it is still in the form of a prayer to her.  In the Old Testament prayer is to be made to God alone; in the New Testament we can pray either to God the Father and/or to the Lord Jesus Christ who is Himself one with the Father.  But there is no hint in scripture that we may pray to any other, nor that they have any power to help or answer our prayers.  The Church, of whatever denomination, has no right to go beyond what the Bible teaches so clearly.  Nevertheless, I do understand that women often feel the need to pray to a female "divinity" -- but rather talk things over with a mature feminine Christian friend or counsellor .

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