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what does it mean when a man says I am very fond of you?

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“I am very fond of you”, is a simple term of endearment. It means that he likes you.  It doesn’t necessarily mean “like” in the romantic sense but it most certainly may. He could be using the word “fond” in place of love, like or adore.  It sounds like he may just want you to know that he enjoys your company.  If you are unsure of whether he meant it in a romantic or platonic sense then just ask him. 

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Fond is somewhat of a weak, affectionate attraction, not one of those earth shaking togethernesses we so often desire in a relationship. but fondness can be the spark that set our passions aflame. And that fondness can then become a oneness in our  love for each other.

He may be checking out your response before he declares something more love.

If you want the dictionary's answer that you can look up yourself. From a womans stand point, that means I like you as a friend platonically, ( we will not be lovers, and don't count on dating.)

Its never too late to ask.

Thanks for your response...very insightful...when he gets back from Iraq I will ask him....

thanks for the response...his behavior did not match this sentiment..but when he returns from Iraq I am sure I will have an answer.....but either way I value our deep abiding friendship....that has grown out of a true Christian relationship...

Yes you will know for sure. And for your sake I hope it turns out the way you are hoping.Smile

Its never too late to ask.

I feel it means that he is really into you, and could see himself falling for you.

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