What does it mean to 'flake out' on someone?

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It means you left them.

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Flaking out means you stand someone up.

"Flaking Out", to me, means that someone has either been overwhelmed, or overloaded with responsibility, or emotion. It's basically the warning signs for someone who is close to hitting the wall; which means relationship-wise, they might run. Work-wise; they need help with their load. 

Talking it out will work; it just depends on their threshold of pain. Sometimes, you have to let the butterfly go.

If my kids have a good life, I will be happy

If you flake out on someone it means you let them down in some way.  It does not have to be standing someone up, it could be that you had plans to go out with someone and they decide they just want to stay in with you and relax and watch TV instead.  So they flaked on your plans.

Have fun, but be safe, use a condom!

They lost their paddle and can not fight the rapids.  You know what I mean if you ever rode um.

Life is tuff stuff Maynard, hold onto your paddle and ride baby ride.


Hi Chucho


Locked and Loaded

Hi, Yadja! "Back right!" - Gauley River.

Great analogy - Spot on.

If my kids have a good life, I will be happy

Hi there Chucho no I'm in from overseas Yadja gonna take a break.  Been reading her stuff she has been busy.  She will be taking time out from this place. 

Some ugly dudes on here.  Got some me some work to  do. 

Looks like my gal respects you that is a good thing.

She an me rode rapids in Colorado when she was stationed there.  We had a couple of runins with cougars.  We stationed there together for awhile.  Thats when met her. 

Think she got this one wrong flake out downrange you and or your buddy is dead.


Locked and Loaded

Where I come from Janissa is correct..."To leave" or "buzz off"....I have also heard it used like...He flaked out.... went crazy, goofy, or brain dead.

Flake off dude....Get lost

The dude flaked out....Lost his mind, went nuts

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