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It depends on the color and on how you feel about cats. I used to  have dreams of fuchsia-colored (or sometimes black) kittens pretty often. They often seem to disappear and then I am frantic with worry about the kitty. As I search for the cat, it often appears that the cat is able to take care of itself or that a mother cat will take care of it. I feel strange and out of place, not being the one in charge of the little kitty. There were nearly always other matters in the dream, something that I was supposed to be responsible for aside from the cat.

I have always been interested in mythology and folklore, so it makes sense if cats take shape in my mind to represent mystery, death, or the unknown. The color fuchsia is a brilliant but garish color that I once used as the background color for my board on a science fair project I did in school- a project dealing with cats. It was a project I later felt horrible about because I put very little work into it.

Basically, the dreams indicated that I was neglecting a helpless, somehow mysterious part of myself in the everyday shuffle. A cat tends to indicate spirituality or maybe sexuality, at least in my dreams. Because that's how I see cats. There's a double-layer of meaning here, as I also had to move and leave my cat behind at around the time of these dreams. I may have had some guilt over having to leave my poor kitty

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