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DRAGONFLY PRESENCE, What does this mean? Where ever I go there is always dragonflies. Is this a good omen?

DRAGONFLY PRESENCE, What does this mean? Where ever I go there is always dragonflies. Is this a good omen?

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Dragonflies mean: Pure water,  symbol of renewal after a great hardship, courage, strength, happiness, agility, magic, dreams, good events, good news, catch it to marry within the year. Real good omen Wink

Thanks for the reply, but I think there is more to what was said, alot more...Dragonflies are always around me, I even went canoeing and one landed on the front of the canoe out of no where. It's amazing, a very large one was even in my house one day flying near me.  It's a mystery I diffently need to solve.

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