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Mcdonalds fryers

How do you filter mcdonalds fryers?

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we use a pump that sucks oil out of the frier and filters through some chemicals and filter paper to clean it and then gets sucked back up through another pipe back into the frier. this process is ment to be comppleted once a day but rarely gets done once a month. many stores just change the oil...

if there is anything else i can answer let me know

where do you work? is it possible for vat oils to get mixed with each other after the cleaning process? thanks

i work at mcdonalds and no because each fryer has its on individual pump for example. the fish fryer will pump straight back into the fish fryer not the chicken fryer... fish will only be cooked in the fish fryer. apple pies will only b cooked in the apple pie fryer. fries and hashbrowns will b cooked in the fries fryer (both cooked in same fryer) and all chicken is cooked in chicken fryer.. so it is rare that products will b cooked in different fryers or that oil is mixed wit other fryers oil.

i maintain the equipement at mcds and nick is right.  as long as the owner operator isnt cheap and decides to keep the same filter for the whole system.  most vats can cook up to six or three or whatever but what i am saying is that some owners keep the same filter and chemical for all of them.

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