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Things might get better if we make human sacrifice to God once more. "God does not not accept sacrifice", I hear you say, but what about the virgins sacrificed by Moses? Or Jephthah sacrificing ...

I do not know who you are for sure, because you insist on hiding your identity.  That smacks of criminal activity to me. 

 But, I do know who I think you are.  The way you insist on forcing others to use the words you suggest in order to be "saved" and the fact that you pull out my words and post them in your answers...those are the habits of KID. 

 So, I think you are KID.  Now, of course you could be Sparky's Mom posing as KID.  Most people (my friends) think that to be the truth.  Could be.

  Anyway, dear Christian friend,   What you suggest people do when asked that fundamental question is quote Paul....not Jesus. 

 Now, I find that rather unusual for a Biblical scholar, since Paul never knew Jesus and accepted Him because of a vision.  I'm not against visions.  Who knows? 

 But I do know when you quote Acts you are quoting Paul and not Christ.  I prefer to stick with Christ. 

 And I also know that if we do not go through Christ, we will not find God. 

  NOW:: Here is where so many criticize my beliefs:  Christ is the Indwelling Spirit of God.  Without acknowledging that Holy Spirit within....no one on the face of the earth will find God. 

 NOW:: here is another spot where my beliefs and explanations seem to aggravate people like yourself who are so entrenched in literal scripture: 

God's Grace shines on everyone, saint and sinner alike.  Therefore that Spirit is available to everyone, and it DOES NOT MATTER what words they use to identify that Spirit within themselves.  God is still God. 

And another and more important thing is:  Taking the philosophy and teachings of Christ Jesus to the nth degree....once we acknowledge God in this way, the statement He makes to Moses claiming to be the great "I AM" fills us with more joy than we've ever had, and it finally all makes sense, in a spiritual way, which is so much more rewarding than anything concrete and physical. 

We are spiritual beings, made in the Image of God.  Celebrate that fact and stop ignoring the Glory of Christ our Savior.  Smile

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Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

And that concludes today’s presentation. Now, let’s sit back and watch with a smile as the enlightened flow of grammatically dubious, proper-spelling-be-damned, f-bomb sprinkled invectives comes flowing in, cheerfully and unselfconsciously failing to address any of the actual points with reasoned counterarguments and instead, ranting on about generalized preconceived notions and emotional biases against the overall topic. Ready? The bait is set. Nothing more to do than get comfortable and wait for the scavengers to come crawling in. Happy trolling!

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