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Maury davis, what are the details of his murder conviction? Was it during a drug deal? Who was the victim? Why did he serve only 8.5 years?

maury davis, what are the details of his murder conviction?

Was it during a drug deal?  Who was the victim?

Why did he serve only 8.5 years?

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Who did Maury Davis kill?

Who did Maury Davis murder?


On Monday, January 27, 1975, a postman in Irving, Texas, found a 56 year old woman dead of multiple stab wounds at about 1:45 pm.  Her body was found in an unoccupied residence (address omitted).  Police identified the victim as (name omitted).  Apparently the lady, who owned the vacant residence, had been showing it to a prospective tenant when the attack occurred. 

            The postman later told the officers that he had seen two men in the vicinity of the house just prior to the discovery.  The next morning, less than 24 hours later, two Irving men were arrested for stabbing (name omitted) to death.  The police also recovered a knife late Tuesday (January 28, 1975) afternoon which was believed to have been used in the crime. 

            On Wednesday January 29, 1975, Donald Maurice Davis 18, and an acquaintance, 20 (name omitted) were charged with fatally stabbing the female victim and were held in the Dallas County jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond.  Funeral services for the victim were held on Thursday January 30, 1975 at 2:30 pm at the (funeral home name omitted).  She was laid to rest in the (cemetery name omitted) and was survived by one son and two sisters.

            During the trial, defense attorney Dennis Brewer tried to convince the jury that Davis was insane when he stabbed the victim in her side and the throat while she was showing him and an acquaintance a house for sale at (address omitted) in Irving.  Davis testified that he did not know why he stabbed the victim and that he could not stop himself from killing her.  Davis also testified that he may have been possessed by a demon at the time.  Gary Noble and Les Eubanks were the District attorneys prosecuting the case.  The trial was conducted in Judge Ed Gossett’s Criminal District Court No. 5, and the jury of 8-men and 4-women debated about two and a half hours on the verdict and five hours on the punishment.  Donald Maurice Davis, 18 at the time, was found guilty Thursday May 22, 1975 of the January 27, 1975 murder of (name omitted) and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  He was released after serving 8 and one half years in the Texas State Department of Corrections Ferguson Unit off of Texas state road 247.


Source:  Dallas Morning News - 01/28/1975, 1/29/1975, 1/30/1975, 5/22/1975, 5/23/1975

Maury Davis murdered (nearly decapitated) Jo Ella Liles.  He has yet to apologize to the Liles family, claiming he was "possessed" at the time of the murder so therefore it wasn't really he who murdered her.  How can he "preach" repentance in his sermons that can be seen online and on TV and yet not have the decency to apologize to the family he destroyed by taking the life of an innocent human being?  Now days he is an opportunistic "evangelist" who sells his "elixir" of salvation.  Of course he is doing it wearing thousand dollar suits, living in his up-scale neighborhood driving his luxury automobiles.  Then again, he couldn't afford to do so if he didn't have followers so I guess the question is, "Who is the bigger fool?  The fool or the fool(s) who follow the fool?"

Copy and paste the following into your web browser then read the article and it will become quite clear.         


In a nutshell, it all boiled down to influence.  Davis' family was....let's say, "better connected" than was the victims family. 

From the article, "Don McDaniel, a retired California cop, is called to jury duty. The district attorney doesn't eliminate McDaniel because lawmen are notoriously sympathetic to the prosecution. What prosecutors apparently don't know is that McDaniel also attends church with Brewer and Davis' family. The attorney will later admit that McDaniel approaches him, saying that as a born-again Christian, he'll help however he can."

And let's not forget the old, "The Devil Made Me Do It excuse."  Seriously.  From the article, "In court, Davis claims a voice told him to murder Jo Ella."  After all, if you are possessed at the time of a serious crime such as murder, certainly you shouldn't be held accountable.  Well, only 8-1/2 years in prison accountable, while Jo Ella's family will be without her the rest of their lives.  Gotta love the justice system..............or NOT!  Remember, it's not what you know, it's "who" you know!!!

I hope someday I meet the man face to face.  I think our conversation will go something like this, "Hey preacher, if you got the boots, I got the paint.  Except I'm not some helpless 54 year old homemaker."  Then again, I'm sure at this point, Davis would no longer handle such matters.  He'd probably have one of his "Cornerstone Cronies" murder me!


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