Anyone know maureen hart odonohue she my mom and i think shes in eufaula alabama

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Oh, sweet girl, she is only doing this in her attempt to protect you. My father once said to me when my first boyfriend broke up with me, and I was beyond devastated, "you'll probably go through 100 of these before you meet your husband" ... gee, thanks dad! But you know what, he was right. Please ...

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Okay, have you graduated from the third grade yet? Seriously. Such infantile tantrums.

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I would say with a name like that it's either she does believe it, or just wants it to be true so is attempting to make it look so. There's really no other explanation for it unless it's an inside joke or nick. Regardless, it doesn't hurt anyone unless people are taking bad advice because of a ...

How do I find NCLEX pass rates for Alabama schools?

The scores are not based on where the university is, it's based on the state you took the NCLEX, here's the answer you were looking for. NCLEX-RN Scores by State