Does it matter if Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual?

Evan Rachel Wood revealed that she's bisexual.  Does it matter if a celebrity says she's bisexual?  (There was a lot of publicity when Anna Paquin made the same revelation ....)

Evan Rachel WoodValerie Macon, Getty Images

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Doesn't matter to me.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Does it matter?  Why should it????

If I can't always dazzle 'em with brilliance, I'll try baffling 'em with BS. Band of None

To some it will matter and to others it will not .

I personally don't really care about most of Hollywood .

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It's her body, therefore it's of no concern to anyone, no matter what senseless nonsense will arise from her honesty.

It depends on the person; younger generation sees it as normal. But really it should because its her decision and personal business.





It really should not make a difference to anyone, unless you are a total fan of hers, and this bothers you..
Most will just say all is fine, as to not "Rock the Boat", truth is, it is her business only..
Sweet G

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None of anyone's business as far as I'm concerned.


It wouldn't matter to me if she was tri-sexual

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