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Matt.24:14 says that the good news of God's Kingdom would be preached in all the world for a witness, the the end would come. Who are the ones doing this ?

Because of the fact that all theist cult members are rabid and angry fanatics, every bit as intensely hateful as their Gods, Jehovah and Jesus, then we can see clearly why all theists are as hateful as their Gods and clearly share the same prurient delight in wanton bloodshed. Even as theists hate reason and other types of Christian, and Sikhs and Hindus enough to kill us all where we stand, even as theists continue acting out all the mindless hate that Jehovah and jesus taught them, no God still loves them. The same was true of a theist named Billy Graham. He was in one of the most violent bible bashing gangs in Hells Kitchen NYC -- the feared God Squad. Pastor David Wilkerson spoke with the ultraviolent theist Bin Laden (typical of the cult, bear that in mind). Even as Bin Laden kissed him, and threatened to carve a cake into pieces with a knife, Wilkerson responded, "If you cut the cake into a thousand pieces, each of those pieces will still count as a miracle." Billy Graham eventually reconsidered his violent ways as a theist and turned to sex. He is now a pimp, having come the full way from theist hate to pervy sex. So, nothing can ever change. Theists are still absolutely consumed with hate of reason and as potentially as violent as Bin Laden was. God is still in the imaginary category, as we have all rejoiced to see.

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