How do i change a fraction into a percentage, eg ...

how do i change a fraction into a percentage, eg: 33 over 50, or 3 over 10, can you also show me how to do it as i have lots of homework on this subject

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On the right of the decimal the first place is tens, the second place is hundreds. So 3 over ten (three tenths) would be  .3

If you have a number like 50 you have to multiply by 2 to get one hundred. So of course you have to multiply 33 by two also to keep everything equal.  So now you have 66 over 100. That is written like .66

The other way is to divide 33/50 .... you divide the top number 33 by the bottom number ... so you divide 33 by 50 and you will come out with .666 (which is same as 2/3.       3/10 ... divide the 3 by 10 (you make is 3.0 to do the division) and you will get .30    (which is also 30%).

REMEMBER:  when you are dividing a smaller no by a larger no, you must add a decimal and one or more 00's first.   Like:   divide 50 into 33.00 to get .66

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To change a fraction to a percentage, remember that a percentage is per hundred.  So if you have a number like 1/5, that is equivalent to 20/100 and the percentage is 20%.  For 33/50, you can multiply both numerator and denominator by 2 to get 66/100 which is 66%.  For 3/10, multiply numerator and denominator by 10 to get 30/100 which is 30%.

Or take the fraction and multiply by 100% (which is 1).  So 33/50 x 100% = 66%, and 3/10 x 100% = 30%

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