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Mathematics needs constants to the variables. Why?

Matrices and quadratics are only two of the umpteen ways we work multiple variables against each other, never the need for a constant value.  Here is a typical problem (simplified greatly).

We have four containers of unknown radionuclides, which means we have unknown half-life, radiation products, and rate of decay.  We work from sealed vials, because we must determine the contents before we open these ghastly things with the hands: unexcited radiation is not as dangerous as a "flash."  Even a well-designed glove box will not protect us from a flash.  So, suit up, put your hands in the gloves, and get busy.

The vials are depleted /92/U\238 and weigh 1 Kg, with an interior volume of 750 ML.  They present the interior contents with a radiation shield equivalent to nine feet of steel plate. 

Vial 1 emits 22.4 R/H.  (Roentgens per hour) 3 hours later, it still emits 22.4 R/H. 

Vial 2 emits 180 R/H.  3 hours later, it emits 90 R/H.

Vial 3 emits 27 R/H.  3 hours later, it emits 25 R/H.

Vial 4 emits 10 R/H.  3 hours later, it emits 9.75 R/H.

Note that we have four variables.  Because the constants all factor out, we now have a workable equation and can predict the radioactive decay.

Vial 1 emits 22.4 R/H.  3 hours later, it still emits 22.4 R/H.  We have a long-term half life.  We now weigh the vial.  34.25 KG.  What are the isotopes and percentages?

We compare its radioactive decay profile to 95/Am\243, 78%, 90/Th\235 19%, and 2/He\4 3%.

The variables now include their present rate of decay and the base refined element that has degenerated.  Without going through all the math, we find that the sample was 94/Pu\239, pulled out of a breeder reactor about 45 years ago. 

Now, it is your turn.  Describe the contents of Vial 2.




Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.
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JVH Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Thanks, but he is too boring.  I could care less what he says and regret getting in the mud.  It is obvious he has limited training in math.  I don't want to spend another sentence talking about him or the other screen names that have the same type of rants.  There is nothing he could say to me that would be of concern of even a second. 

As far as Muslims go, real Christians would not attack their religon in such a vile way.  The goal of a Christian is to speak boldly but tactfully.   We try to persuade people of different religions to put faith in the Bible's real message.  Faith in Christ is a requirement for salvation.  So the main topic is faiths that claim to represent Christ, but bring reproach on him through their teachings and behavoir.



Sorry if I caused you a mental meltdown.  I will give it to you that the contents of the seconf vial are unbelievably nasty: it is necessary to construct a 6 X 6 matrix to determine from the radiation what is inside that uranium jug.  We use matrices to eliminate constants.  That is how the big boys do it.


Now, as to your contentions about Muslims: I speak my mind. Western diplomacy cannot work on these very devious people: if you take them at their word, they will mistake you for a fool.  If you speak gently to them, they will mistake you for a coward.  There is nothing that these people hate any worse than fools or cowards.


Arabic language is the key to Muslim thought: comparison, contradiction, opposition, and resolution, are part of virtually every thought they have.  Learning what Arabic words mean will not unlock their way of thinking: these are the most stubborn people on the planet by an order of magnitude and they are as devious as they are stubborn.


Listen to the way Muslims speak and realize that gestures count for more than words.  What they leave unspoken is the message to read, and the threat to believe.  If they reply to you as sharply as you speak to them, then (and only then) have you gained their attention.  Then and only then will they consider what you have to say.


Western diplomacy does not work in the Middle East.  Know that these people are as brutal as they are understated and  dishonest.


It is a violent culture.  if you speak in mellow, subdued tones, they will misread it as cowardice.  That will alienate you or get you killed.


To continue:


Muslims are never going to tell the truth about anyone or anything: it is all a matter of forcing people to take sides in a militant (sometimes military) fashion using superstition or outright confabulations to "support" their hostile points.  If one person is not angry at someone else at the end of every discussion, they have not done the will of allah.


Here is their view of St. Valentine's day: the celebration of love.  They consider love in every form a severe threat, because the very concept of caring and compassion is utterly alien to islam.  What is alien to these people terrifies them -- severely.


If you speak Arabic you will realize the extremist message this "scholar" presents against any kindness between boys and girls.  If you do not speak Arabic, you can tell by this man's agitated and very angry tone that he is panicked and hateful, desperate to maintain the deceptions that he was taught, which always boil down to hate.


Can you reason with people who are that keyed up and ready to snap?  Yet also realize that he is one of the calm and mellow Muslim scholars.  Most rip their clothing, bite their hands, or slam objects around in their angry zeal: to be less agitated than that is a sign of apostasy to these people.


They torture and kill apostates.



Chaplain John Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The Imam in the You Tube certainly denounces love in every form, but advocates craven lust.  He sems so angry over Saint Valentine's Day that he barely able to keep from jumping up and down in sheer panic and anger.  To overreact to such an innocent observance and then demand formal recommendation of Ashura worldwide -- and all its needless bloodshed -- is unspeakable.


That practice alone invalidates Islam as an unfit religion.  Those who subscribe to it also subscribe to a very cruel belief that cannot meet reason.  It would be as invalid as their denial of eternity, and requirement that people end their lives in suicide blasts in the name of Allah.


To what purpose then, if there is no eternity?


That is the constant against which we compare the variable in religion: religion is mathematical in that regard but so is biology.


In any case, Islam is not the way.  Christ IS the way.


In Jesus' Name, I bid you peace.


Hi, Preacherman.  Looks like I bit off a little more than I should have tried to chew.  Don't know why I came here.  Maybe to say goodbye to my online friends.  It's all right.  Who knows?  I might surprise everyone again.


Rocmike3 Thinks this answer is Helpful: SG, believe me, I have matters are well in hand in Japan.

S G, I guess according to The Rock, this is just distortion, and outright propaganda.

Experts were frantically trying to cool No3 reactor to prevent deadly uranium fuel pellets melting. Authorities admitted for the first time that radiation around Fukushima is nearing the level where humans vomit uncontrollably, hair can be stripped from the body - and cancer rates soar.

Tokyo nuke cloud crisis after Japan earthquake | The Sun |News



JVH Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

I am surprised rm3 is not already claiming to be be leading the way in getting those reactors under control.

Anonymous Comment

JVH, the radiation left and the reactors were under control as soon as the Rocmike 3 arrived. Tha Rocmike3 did the math while flying over the reactors. Here, read it for yourself.


Rocmike3 wrote, We don't let grass grow under our feet here. The first quake hit Tokyo about 11:06 our time Friday, and by 11:20 we were in the plane.  About all that any of us packed were a spare set of underwear and our toothbrushes.  The plane is always fueled up and ready for me to go against just this sort of emergency.We arrived at Yokuska 6-1/2 hours later, with the Treaty hot off the fax onboard.  It didn't take long to overfly their N-sites.  Their physicists answered all my questions very candidly. I spoke with a few of the powers that be, I did the math and then got out from under foot ASAP. The level (of any radiation) has no impact on the human body
Rocmike3 Answered:
I got back from Yokuska a few hours ago.  People, there is nothing to worry about.  I did the math of the five plants we toured there, only one had a leak and that leak was very small. In an overflight of their facilities, we found only one leak: 125 rads total radiation output, and that was in 2/He\5,6.  It is an inert gas, has a halflife of about 6.333...X10^-3 seconds, and is definitely not a hazard.  I just wanted to check in with you folks.  What does it take to prove that there is nothing to worry about?The level (of any radiation) has no impact on the human body

NJOY Answered:
Who? Me worry?   Heck. Rockmike3 flew over there and came back and reassured all of us that things were AOK.  He does seem to be a little quiet on the Western Front since all the latest news contradicts him. In all seriousness:   I am scared to death!  If the Japanese minds and powers that be planned this poorly, then you can bet others (us too) have as well.  Very frightening to think about.

Chris Answered
Are you joking or did he really fly over there?  I know he fancies his math skills but I can't imagine that nut having a meaningful position. He should be in a straight jacket.

Rocmike3 Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:
NJoy, Chris and Physicalist share more than a completely bigoted and irrational point of view: they share the same IPA

JVH Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Hey chris, bet you did not know you were same person as physicalist and njoy.

Chris Thinks this answer is Helpful:

HA ! No I was not aware. Maybe it's just me expressing my feminine side ?

Poor NJOY does not deserve such a put down as to be compared to me.

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