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in what year was the mathematical term "prime" introduced

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Prime numbers were known to Euclid, around 300 BC.

Ancient Egyptians had some knowledge of prime numbers but was not recorded. Greek Euclid record prime number around 300 BC.  

In the year 300 BC C. and is found in Euclid's Elements (volumes VII to IX). Euclid definesprime numbers, shows that there are infinitely many of them, define the greatest common divisor and least common multiple and provides a method for determining which today is known as the Euclidean algorithm.

We believe that Prime Operators were first introduced by Euclid and then expanded on by Eristochus in 720 AD.  Basically, a prime operator sets a special condition for a secondary operator. 

Dirac did much of his work in these operators.  This is how he developed many of his theories that now delve into creation physics. 

It is a very exciting time for physicists, which I only wish I had seen the value to pursue earlier in my career.  Oh, well, we all make mistakes.



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Prime factors first came into widepread use in Europe as Newton and Leibniz developed integral math.  There is evidence that a vartiety of prime factoring was first used in ancient Egypt, as we calculate the dimensions of certain chambers at Gizeh.


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It seems you have knowledge on Euclid's. Can anyone help me in understanding http://youtu.be/fw2_GXMOf_o Euclid's algorithm. Give me some introduction on euclid's algorithm and theory on euclid algorithm

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