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How many square feet in 1/4 acre of land. Does 45 Sq feet wide and 240 sq feet long equal 1/4 acre.

How many square feet in 1/4 acre of land. Does 45 Sq feet wide and 240 sq feet long equal 1/4 acre.

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Hi Csulivan, ----------- 1/4 Acre = 10,890 square foot. The second question is NOT clear, if you have 2 areas, one is 45 square foot and the other 240 square foot, both are far from making a 1/4 acre... If you mean that the land is 45 feet wide and 240 feet long than the area is 10,800 suare foot (45 * 240)...... just a bit shorter than a 1/4 Acre (needs to have 10,890 square foot). ---------- Best regards,

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