Can Mastubation Reduce Stress

Can masturbation really reduce stress?

If so, why don't doctors prescribe it as a stress reductor?

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Take a look at this web site. The first thing that is mentioned under positives is:" May help to reduce stress and release sexual tension."


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yes it can relieve stress but you have to be carefull there are some people whom might have a heart condition it just might cause a heart attack. or maybe stroke. no joke.

      Yes it can relieve stress. That is one of its basic relieve sexual tension and stress. There are many stigmas attached to this and "Doctors" are going to be prone to prescribe systems that the AMA approves of, however there are therapists who have suggested the idea of masterbasion for different reasons. Head aches for example. The situations are always unique. The quality of any situation is an individual thing and must be dealt with that way. Not all head aches call for masterbation as a "fix." At the same time, not all head aches are the result of the same thing. Certain kinds of stress will go "straight to the head " causing any number of problems from vision, to hearing anomalies, to complexion problems.


Masturbation reduces stress but very temporarily! For a few moments... for few hours... even for a day or two one might feel pleasurable but what after that! Masturbation never reduces stress permanently. It is non-indulgence in masturbation that finally resulted in reduction of stress permanently! But how does one stop act of masturbation in totality!

Act of masturbation is like a pitcher full of water developing leak! Slowly the whole pitcher was drained dry! If we continued excessive indulgence in masturbation... our whole life would go haywire! We would lose power of concentration considerably! We would also feel bodily weak! It is not indulgence in masturbation but stoppage of masturbation that led to absolute success in life!

By harnessing... transmuting this cosmic energy... and redirecting it towards the only goal of life human beings finally gained absolute success! Through practice of celibacy mantra... human beings could reach stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)! Sexual energy is the most potent of all energies made available to mankind by grace of God Almighty!

Whatever the cause of worry... it could never be reduced by indulgence in masturbation! By preserving our energies... we could channelize it towards any goal of life! Practising patience, persistence and perseverance at its level best human beings slowly manifested destiny... gained absolute control of life! Doctors never prescribed masturbation as it was never a stress reducer!

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