Masterbating on wife's face

Is it normal to masterbate on my wife's face when she is sleeping? For some reason I really get off on it and she doesn't mind (only if it wakes her up). My rationale is that at least I'm not jerking off to porn and stuff. 

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Let's begin with saying there's nothing wrong or unnatural about any sexual behavior, as ,long as all participating members take willing part in the sex, and are of age and free to make such a decision.

There's nothing wrong with masturbating to porn, and there's nothing wrong with masturbating to your wife.

Personally I can't understand how it doesn't wake her up, but if you're both happy with the arrangement, I say go for it and have fun. 

I am not a professional. It is always better to consult a professional, and not rely solely on internet advice.

I'd have to agree with Dr. Tutt on this one. But I am actually unsure how it does not wake her up.

Love your life.

If she's been drinking or has taken some cold medicine, that really knocks her out of action. I could fire-man style carry her out of bed and she wouldn't wake up. She's said she doesn't care that I do this, though I admit she thinks it's "strange" but I guess everyone has their kinks.

As long as you both agree it seems to me that it would be okay.  What ever the two of you do to have sex is your business and no body else.  Enjoy and have a great time.

unusual? hey it takes all types.  and if it satisfies you both, then more power to you.

I must say this is quite interesting. Now are you standing over her the whole time while you jerk or do you like run from the bathroom right in the nick of time to bust on her face? Just curious.

if she doesnt wake up, is her face stuck to the pillow in the morning?

hey, just pinch her nose and bust the nut in her mouth, ha ha.

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