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Master Art Publishetrs? or H. B. Urgelle...

I have what appears to be an old picture of a child with the most impish smile.  There is a © THE MASTER ART PUBLISHERS in the lower left of the picture and in the lower right is H. B. Urgelle (s or r).  Do you know anything about either Master Art Publishers or the artist?

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We just bought a picture that sounds like the same print you have.  it is of a small girl with wild hair and off the shoulder top, see has squinted eyes a wrinkled nose, and a cute smile. we bought it because it looks just like our granddaughter, in fact she thought it was a picture of herself, ELLA

I just purchased a print, by The Master Art Publishers, artist R. Atkinson Fox. I do not know if I was "sold", but I thought I was purchasing a real original.  The frame does seem to be very old. But the antique store owner said that all his original work was destroyed in a fire, back in the 20's.  After paying $180.00, she says I got a great deal.  I don't know?  Any help?

this picture has been in our family for years.my grandma had it and passed it down. since, we have found a couple more,as my cousins and i all wanted it. I have only found 1 other print that I think is by H.B. Urgelles: the dune beaches. Cant find any info on this print at all. the girl is so darn cute! Anyone know anything about this particular print of young girl with messy blonde hair and off the shoulder shirt; squinted eyes and cute smile?????

I have the same print, and all I know is that it is old.....mine also says (on the bottom left) Borin-Chicago.  Are you still interested?

I have the picture with the child with crazy hair/off-the-shoulder top.  It says Master Art Publishers in the lower left.  There is a stamp on the back (the first part is not legible), however.... it says "___ Sonny Boy."  I'm assuming it is "Oh Sonny Boy."  I was bummed to see this, because I have had it for 33 years, and I thought it was a girl in the pic!!!  If anyone knows the artist, please let me know.

That is a print by Fox-Urgelles. I have it in my print book. The "Fox" is Robert Atkinson Fox and his prints are very collectible and usually bring a fair price.

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