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Re: Genocidal Jews not satisfied with Gaza massacres - now aim their spears towards Iran. After massacuring some 1,500 Palestinian civilians in cold blood, 420 of them babies and 139 of them white ...

Palenstinians were blowing up school buses of children in the 1980's - and the PLO has not changed their tactics since that time.

Whatever it Takes.
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Great post Fina. This 'AZcowboy' character is a real slimeball huh?


Slime-y to say the least. Must be someone working from obama's white house.

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great post fina......they have now value of life and never did....


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Message to 'dawg': Hey, its not Jewish dawg - It's Jewish rat!

Moving on....

If murdering Jews brings retaliation why haven't you Jewish cowards declared war on Germany (Ans. Because they have the means of kicking your pale white cowardly [innocent baby killing] asses, no?). If Nazi war criminals must be run down till hell freezes over - why not the IDF's Jewish baby killers?" You Kahzarians are a race that has been hated from the moment you crawled out of the Black sea in 520BC and if your massiah ever returned, 'wandering 40 years in the Sinai' would seem like a walk in the park. Gaza/1967-2009 and Lebanon 1982-2006 has shown the world that you are a dangerous ebola-like virus that must be annihilated and as the world stands today (everyone hating the murderous Jews) - the chances look good that one day soon there will be a giant radioactive kosher confetti cloud seen raising over the Middle East which will bring us a Judenrein ME which in turn bring peace to the people of the ME and an annihilation of the Jewish 'bible demons'  


'Kill 'em all Hezbollah - let their G-d sort them out.'




I think your turban is tied a bit tight there fella...

I'm not Jewish, I'm part Cherokee and part Scottish. Come at me with your blade and you'll be embarrassed by being scalped by a guy wearing a kilt.


azcowboy is just another ignorant dumb a**.  Not worth the effort of a reply.  Don't give him any..............


Hiya Iza

I guess you have had to deal with this joker already....


I agree with my friend Richard - AZ Cowboy = (_x_)

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