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Which finger is the 33rd degree ring worn on? My ...

Which finger is the 33rd degree ring worn on? My husband has removed his wedding band to wear both rings on his finger and says that he cannot remove those rings and that if he is to wear his wedding band it has to go on after the other two rings.

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The 33rd Degree ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. There is nothing in writing that determines the precedence when wearing of both the wedding band and the 33rd ring. When wearing the 33rd ring it is to be displayed with the bottom of the triangle facing towards the wearer so that the 33 is facing the wearer. This is from the General Rules and regulations of the USC AASR Northern Juristidiction Prince Hall. When I recieved my 33rd I instructed by our Dean of Instruction  that for those of us candidates who were married that we should try to wear the ring in accordance with the Regulation. However if our wives objected to it being worn before or with the wedding ring then we are to do the right thing and defer to our wives wishes. Some members  may wear the ring on the right hand it doesn't matter as long as the 33 is displayed properly. I wear my wedding ring first then I put my 33rd ring on last on the same finger. My wife has no issue with this because she knows i put her and the family first before the fraternity.    

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