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Married man, single woman

Should a married man be good friends with a single woman? Call her everyday, two three and four times a day?

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Yes and no. A married man can be friends with a single woman as long as it is strictly platonic.  However there is no need for him to call her so often unless it is all business related.


Good luck and best wishes. 

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Sorry I don't buy it: There are no "platonic relations" that come down to 2-4 daily phone calls..... and very seldom it can be "business talks"..... Come on, let's be realistic and use our common sense:  97 out of 100 it's either a love affair or some emotional relation (no offence, please).  I bet he won't let his wife have such relations with a single male......  So the answer is absolutely noooooooooooo !.   Sorry 2B a bit rude but that's the truth and better not hide behind nice words or try 2B politically correct. 
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For a married man to call a specific female friend (outside of the work environment) I could see 1 to 2 calls at the most per day.  Actually I would only see 1 contact method, unless it was to establish a get together, a social event, etc which would require multiple calls and emails.

Married men for the most part wouldn't keep doing this activity as the appearance, even by the most naive man, looks pretty horrible.

As for having a best friend that is female while you are married....not the best idea, but it's fine as long as boundries do exist.  And for the record, being married, you really don't have the time to call friends 4 times a day.  Between work, wife, kids, household, there isn't time. 



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great answers from my fellow yeddais yet there seems to be some different opinions and that is what yedda is all about when it comes to answering questions, opinions

first i see that tiptopmanaager answered the question as it was asked short and to the point yes they can be friends but no he should not call that often

then oron says that a platonic relationship cannot exsist with 2 to 4 calls a day. i agree with that yet i feel that he may have misunderstood the first answer given that yes a man could have a female friend but no there is no reason to call that often. i understood by reading between the lines that tiptop was saying basically the same as oron just not in as many words. i agree that something fishy is going on there also and oron i dont beleive that you were rude at all to her in your answer, just honest

then jtothea made a good point that a married man would not have the time to call that often, i agree and doubt that he calls his wife that much, i also agree that it is possible to have friends and that it is best to maintain them in a social setting and never alone.

so you see my fellow yeddais i agree with each of you and see the points you made. for that i give all of you thumbs up. great answers by all!

I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

No ,a married man should not be that friendly with a single woman.Shame on him and her for doing this.Surely his wife knows.Us women have a sixth sense.Let him treat his wife with respect and where is his dignity.If he were my husband the papers would be in his hand now.

To Danc Is To Live

Best answer yet though as it covers the listed more probable solutions in a tidy paragraph.  Great idea!

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Are you serious? Absolutely not. The exception is eminate death within 24 hrs then he needs all the family, friends, and you name it.

Its never too late to ask.

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