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How to Rebuild Marriage Relationships? How to Rebuild Marriage Relationships and create a healthy and happy Marriage Relationships? Wat do you think?

If your marriage is on the rocks and your "significant other" is causing you great emotional distress, drop back five yards and PUNT!!!///boot that Muther right up between the Big H at the end zone!!! Dust yourself off, and find you someone really special.

Cheaters only win IF you let them control your emotions/heart/soul/wallet,


As a recent (I hate to use this term but I will anyways...) Victim of a cheat'in woman... I really don't feel all that great about getting any of that ole skanky hoochie; Matter of fact I feel sorry for HER husband who: "only wants to see her happy." ("I don't care, baby... All I want is for you to be.... happy.") WHAT kind of crap is that?

Man, the older I get the more stupid pshit seems to get!!!!

Get on with you life; even if you've got kids, don't let anyone manipulate your emotions like that! Once a cheater, always a cheater!!!

Whatever happened to Love AND Respect?

People wake the "F" up!!!

There are surely mates out here that will love and respect you even if you're the worse(broke)piece of ass on earth. Look at me; I've got everything, going for me, except the one thing I miss the most: SOMEONE to share my daily Life with; and love, charish and hang out with. I've got $, Harley's, a newer Jaguar, and one very phuck't up 34 year old daughter who thinks every dude coming down the pike is Prince Charming and I'm still getting really upset that she expects ME to handle the bullshit problems when pshit goes south!!! [EVERY STINK'in TIME!!!]


Samuel James in Santa Ynez, California -- (Whine... Counrtry) uSA(yuk)

"Educating the general average person citizenry--The GAP Citizenry--One person at a Time. Peace needs Nurturing, Care and Love."
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