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Marriage/Divorce/Marriage/Children+pastor Tony Smith=family destruction

How can my friends marriage of 14 years be destroyed by the teachings of one man?  Pastor Tony Smith says that their marriage is an abomination because they were both married before.  They have three children together.  Both were in abusive relationships and were lucky to get out alive.  Now this "prophet" has filled my friends husband with a yearning to become celebate and totally leave his family.  He says that he loves them deeply, but if he stays, he'll go to HELL for loving them and living in sin.  I am a CHristian too, but Jesus says mariage is love and we shall love.  So why is this self-procaimed prophet trying to destroy love?  He interprets the Bible literally.  Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit are one.  If Jesus is love and the object of love through marrage is children, why divorce?  This is terrible.  WE are to beware of false prophets are we not?  Who is this "pastor"?  How can I expose him for the hate he teaches?  Destroying the family is not how I see Jesus.  Please help, before it's to late for my friend



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Hi Concernedfriend.  You are correct...according to the bible, we are to beware of false prophets.  Based on what you tell of this "pastor", he would indeed be a false prophet.  Many of these types of radicals are looking for total control of their followers' minds, their money, or both.  They will use fear tactics to gain control.  I hope and pray that your friend's husband will see reason and realize that his pastor is full of bunk and wouldn't be feeding him this crap and twisting the scriptures unless he thought there was something he could gain by convincing this man to leave his family.

I wish you and your friend's family the best and hope everything works out.

"Be strong in nature; Gentle in deed."

Hopefully the man will come to his senses. Certainly no god of mine would want this man to do anything but take care of his family. Unfortunately there is probably little constructive that you can do. Praying would seem to be part of the problem. Perhaps you could find a mental health professional to help you do an intervention since the problem is certainly a mental health, not a religion problem. I googled "mental health addiction intervention" and came up with many resources. You will need to do a lot of homework here as many of these fine organizations are most likely religious based and may not recognize this as a problem. You do need to find a professional as this is a very serious situation and this family is in need of and deserves professional help.

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I have never me this man but i have to ask you a question. Do you know exactly what he said? Are the words he said directly in the Holy scriptures? If so, then the words are not his words but Gods words. If they are not in the Holy scriptures then this guy is a nut case.(false  prophet) Here's what i do know. In Hebrews 10:26 it reads, if we willfully sin after we have received the knowledge of truth, then are there no more sacrifice for sin. Romans 6:1 agrees. shall we continue in sin...

As for interpretation, I think the problems lies with those who try to interpret without understanding. Having the lack of understanding is worthy of death, Romans 1:31. Yes, not understanding something is worthy of death and can not be used as an excuse.

My guess is he'll love his family no matter what, but ultimately, there is a bigger picture. Get understanding!!!

My 2cents worth.


I have watched pastor smith on line and his teachings are straight from the bible.It's a hard pill to swallow but true.Each person has posted what they think.Where is your scripture to back it up? Of course god is loving and merciful but he does not go along with the saved sinner.You cannot claim to repent sin and stay in it. There's alot of selfish people going to hell because they can't let this world go. Then there's the classic remark of "my god " would'nt want this or that. There's one god not yours or mine but one who says that e should think and speak the same thing as believers of his word.The sad truth about society is that we want to pick and choose when and what to follow from the bible.Do we really think it works this way ? Hopefully not.What you have to ask is what is it that God saw in you to let you discern Truth from Fiction.If you are fron Rock Hill,SC research your Bible before posting my business on the web.DADE43

Opinions are just that! Let's examine what the bible states. Matt 5:31-32 states its ADULTRY when a women is divorced and marries another man. Romans 7:1-3 states marriage is TILL HUSBAND DIESand then you are free to marry another. Pastor Tony Smith isnt the problem he just spoke the word of GOD. Its a shame for a pastor to stand in the pulpit as a Divorced man and try and teach the word of GOD, all he has to do is read 1Tim 3:1-7. *A pastor must be the HUSBAND of ONE WIFE.(one means only one) if not the Bible states he is a liar and a deciever and the truth is not in him. Yes, GOD does forgive us, but we also have consequences for our mistakes. Food for thought; one pastor has thousands of members and speaks of how we can get rich, the Bible states; 1John 2:15-16 *love of worldly things. Another pastor speaks of how we can get a better relationship with GOD and has a handful of members, John 4:23-24 *worship in spirit and truth. Which do you fell GODis happy with? Im 100% certain GOD is not happy with numbers, he 's happy with our relationship towards him. 1John 3:7-8 *let no one deceive you the righteousness practice righteousness, he who sins is of the devil. The Bible states trust no man, but trust the word of GOD.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

   First off, Pastor Tony Smith is not, and I repeat Not a false prophet. He does not come in his own name nor does he bear the name of a false God.

   Second, he is a man and simply that. He deals with all of the same temptations as everyone else. He does the best he can with what he has. He is sincere, but like all men, he has many errors and fleshly ways. It saddens me to see us fight against our own brethren over our disagreements concerning our one God.

To deal with your question there are various schools of thought concerning divorce and remarriage and all trying to stay within scriptural context.

They consist of:

One man and one wife for life. No Remarriage even if a spouse dies

No Divorce for any reason and no Remarriage until a spouse dies

Divorce but no remarriage

Divorce and Remarriage for sexual sin and abandonment for the innocent party

Divorce for any cause or reason

As well as other variations not listed here and less utilized by mainstream.

All of these believers are sold out to their interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

Unfortunately, they tirelessly battle over which of the law is relevant to us spiritual Jews or Christians and which of it we are free of.

Another problem believers have always had and always will have is their constant will to out do God Himself. In other words, we try to be more holy than God is which simply is impossible. Holiness simply means to be in agreement with God. God determines what is holy and what is not, because God is Sovereign or perfect in His judgments, yet we always come up with new laws and practices for men to abide by in the name of the Lord (YAHWEH) or Jesus (Yeshua).This happens in every religion and belief because of mans inability to truly listen to God when He speaks and obey Him (Luke 6:46), which I will title as being the Great Corruption.

Being the husband of one wife is instructed to the leaders alone 1Tim 3:1-7. This was declared by the apostle or emissary Paul, because in this era men generally had multiple wives. This type of marriage arrangement usually results in a multitude of conflicts and creates a greater foot hold for Satan to tempt us through our flesh and fleshly attachments. 


During the time this was preached men would put away their wives for things like burning dinner or finding someone prettier than their wife(s), so Paul preached the will of God unto the believers.

In these times divorce did not occur for marital unfaithfulness. If it were the man he was considered to be in fornication unless he had relations with a married woman and then it became both fornication and adultery and they were both killed. If it was the woman who was unfaithful she and the man were killed. The things we do today in our relationships were never permitted then and Capital Punishment or death was the traditional outcome for sinners until nations became "civilized", which might I ad God Himself never changed and John 8:7 Does Not justify a change in God’s will for church law. This scripture was recorded so that God would be glorified through the wicked who try to tempt the Lord. Today there are little to no consequences for our actions within a marriage both in and out of the church. This is what the true sin of today is.

Pastors and lay people who adopt this belief think this method will decrease the divorce rate and hold up a standard. This practice does not decrease the divorce rate, nor does God want us to live our lives alone Deuteronomy 24:1-4 " Celibacy was never God's intent nor demand because it is not good" as if we have a choice to go back to our past marriages, especially when we remarry Deut 24:1-4 God forbids it. 2 Corinth 5:17 teaches that when we are truly born again we become a new creation and old things pass away and ALL things become new. So if your friends believe the bible, they will believe they are not spiritually bound to their old past within Christ Jesus.

God calls us to peace with Him and does not expect us to live unhappy lonely lives 1 Corinth 7:15.

A good book to read if they are technical Christians would be: Divorce & Remarriage: A Christian View by Guy Duty ISBN-13: 978-0764227264.

Here is a website by Messianic Jews or converted Jews to Jesus the Messiah that explains the true understanding of Divorce and Remarriage for your friends: http://www.graftedin.com/sabbathpod_archive01.html - Select the Divorce and remarriage service 1, 2, and 3.

I hope this can be of service to you and your friends as well as any others who truly seek to understand their Lord, so that they will understand that their Lord understands them and their hardships Hebrews 4:15.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen


If you truly believe that Jesus forgives all, then what is the problem?  All shall be forgiven (though they don't need to be forgiven for having love) If you're friends believe they should be together, then they are not sinning.  Someone who misinterprets the bible or the word of the Lord for his own benefit is.

This man talks a lot about laws in the word of God But  Jim Jones had the word  of god  and led people astray. Christ died on the cross to fulfill the law so God  could write  His Laws not on stone but on the flesh of our hearts.The Spirit of God will lead and guide you if you want him too. And He will lead you to the Word of God and in the Word of God but the word of god(the letter) means nothing  without the  Spirit of God. (IICor 3:5-6) Not that we are  sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of  the  new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: for the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. (I Tim 1:19) Lets us know that you have to hold faith and a good conscience not to make shipwreck. In all my study I have only one truth- I do not kno w anything: because the more I learn, the more I discover how much I don't know. This journey started many years ago when I found out that Christ is the answer . I then began to say all the right things ( so I thought) and do all the right things (so I thought) ever gaining knowledge but still feeling like something was missing. Then I read “ you have not for you have asked not”(James 4:2) now this may seem simple to some people but I was asking; giving; serving, doing all I knew to do so finally, I asked, God what is it that I am doing wrong? I know your word is true... Then I heard God answer “I am so glad you asked me that” and I thought, ask a question, not for what I think I need or want. It is about asking God the right question. Job’s whole ordeal started with a question that God asked the devil “Have you considered my servant Job” which led Job to question God. Now don’t get me wrong I have asked God plenty of questions and he answered them all but I was not going to ask God, what am I doing wrong, because I thought I already knew where I felt like I was coming up short. I was surprised to learn that was not his main concern, that there were other burning questions he wanted to answer for me. Other questions what other questions?  It is impossible to learn something you all ready know or think you know. How many times during the day is God setting things in motion that will teach you something and we don’t ask, God is that you? or God what do you want me to do? Because we think we already know. If he is truly your friend, He is right there to lead and guide you. I don’t know who this for but God wanted me to share what he has done for me. And as you ask God, don’t think you already know the answer, because sometimes he will surprise you.    God Bless -Murrell 

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